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September 2005 Archives

Ninna-Ji Temple was founded by the 59th emperor of Japan, Uda, in the fourth year of the Ninna Era (888 AD). It was formerly called the Old Imperial Palace of Omuro because it once served as a residence for the ex-emperor. The temple is now known as the headquarters of the Omuro School of the Shingon Sect of Buddhism. The nationally renowned Omuro School of Flower Arrangement is also housed on the temple complex. The temple contains over 600 treasures including sculptures, paintings, calligraphy, lacquered works, and ceramics. The uniquely low-branched cherry trees, known as Omuro Cherry, are also considered a temple treasure, especially when they are in full bloom in the spring.

Here's a rather creepy tale involving entrenched folk superstition, Buddhist theology and Karmic principles of retribution for evil deeds.

The notion of a Jiki Ninki or Flesh-eating Goblin appears in several forms within Japanese folk tales. The story below is a very old and original version which conjures skin-tingles at the thought of encountering delapitated shrine hermitages along darakened mountainous passages. Here's why...

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