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November 2005 Archives

Just another windy day in Chicago. Air temp here was about 25 degrees (F), windchill was at about 8 degrees (F). My earlobes froze solid while taking this pic.

yes, those are cloud-tops you see. This is in Tochigi-ken, Japan. I lived for a couple years somewhere below those clouds. (See that cloud wisp behind me creeping up in an attempt to grab me?!?)

Gakkou no Kaidan 2
[aka Gakkou no Kwaidan 2 or Haunted School 2]

Genre: Child-centric Ghost Story

review in one breath

Less than one year following his smash hit Gakkou no Kaidan director Hirayama is back at it, this time with another creepy elementary school chocked full of ghoulies just waiting to scare the jello out a group of unsuspecting kids. Though the basic premise is the same, this sequel provides a much darker and dangerous tale than the original.


This is what I am blessed to see when I visit my father. If you can hurdle the distant-most mountain range, you may just land in Mexico. And then the Tequila's on me!!

Japan : A Short Cultural History

Genre: Japanese History
Author: George Sansom (1931)

review in one breath

While the number of good academic texts on Japanese history is innumerable, here is one I picked up a decade ago in Ikebukuro and haven't stopped consulting since. The chronological scope of this book ranges from the Kojiki myths to the end of the Tokugawa Era. As the title suggests, Sansom focuses primarily upon cultural rather than purely political/economic developments (though these are included). Thus herein the focus is upon the development and evolution of literature, art, religion and philosophy.

As a primer to pre-Meiji Japanese culture, I can wholly recommend this valuable book.

Well, if you had any doubts about the coolness of Neo-Japanese culture..

JUST CHECK THIS OUT (Windows Media File)

Here in Chicago the Autumn season is generally quite short-lived due to our fluctuating weather. We are now at that point where the the color and foliage of Fall are fading fast. I thought I better take a few photos before the winds of Winter erase all evidence of the season.

of mongip.

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