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June 2006 Archives

Say hi to Blue Ernie. He's looking for his arms.

blue ernie

artwork by mongip

The Blue Giant. He watches you when you sleep.

blue giant

artwork by mongip

Mizuki Shigeru (b. 1924) is a household name in Japan predominantly due to his long-running and widely popular animation series Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro which followed the humanitarian and educational adventures of Kitaro, a young boy born and raised amidst a community of obakemono (monsters). Over the years Mizuki has distinguished himself as perhaps the foremost authority on traditional Japanese monsters, ghouls and ghosts and has published countless books filled with his entertaining and good-natured drawings.

My order of several of his latest publications just came in and I hope to soon pass along some of what they contain.

I looked out my 3rd storey window and THERE HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT BACK IN AT ME!!

First off, I am not making this up nor was I drinking (overly) heavily at the time of the "incident". I got home around 7pm last night and settled into my relax mode, and then I happened to look out the window. And that's when I sam HIM! Although I live on the third floor (of a very exclusive and luxurious metropolitan condominium complex), HE was looking straight in my window from the same height, at precisely the same eye-level.

Although I've never encountered such a grotesque tree goblin before, I didn't panic. I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped off a round of pics. With every flash from the camera I could see him becoming increasingly angrier until finally he shrieked out a warning I shall never forget.

The initial pictures aren't too clear, so Ive added some of the more revealing pictures below.

A mere 94 degrees in Evanston, Illinois today, no doubt heralding an excellent summer!

In addition to this being my first visit this year to Evanston's South Boulevard Beach during its official "open" season, and receiving my second painful sunburn of the year, I have also fallen deeply in love with this year's LIFEGUARD BABE! (pictured at right from a distance.)

Shy as I am, I dared not venture up to her to say hello. Instead, I continuously swam out of bounds or intentionally created some sort of dangerous havoc so that she might notice me. And my ploy worked brilliantly! Soon she was caressing me with her sweet voice (via the bullhorn) saying such things as "I TOLD YOU NO SWIMMING OVER THERE!! ONE MORE TIME AND YOUR OFF THE BEACH!!".

To complete the success of my morning's lifeguard-babe seduction, I ultimately feigned drowning, albeit in two feet of water. Nevertheless (as I understand City oridnance) lifeguard-babe was REQUIRED (heh heh) to come to my rescue. As I surpassed the likes of any Hollywood actor in maintaining a "drowned person's limpness", she diligently dragged me ashore.

While holding my breath, waiting for some tongue-to-tongue CPR from lifeguard-babe, she totally surprised me with what came next...

A hard kick to the buttocks.

I think she likes me. This is going to be a totally HOT summer!! (more lifeguard-babe pics below)

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