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August 2008 Archives

Chicago Public Radio has recently risked some budget and old-school animosity toward a "new media" broadcast aimed at saavy online souls such as yourselves. accepts ALL home-grown audio journalism, with the promise of airing your stuff on air. With their upcoming RADIO broadcast station rights, which will cover a majority of the Chicago-Land area, your creative blurbs might easily reach an entire robust urban audience.

Everyone is invited. But if you are a Media or Journalism student your radar definitely needs to go up here. Here's a real-life testing ground for your personal journalistic projects. At the very least, your audio projects are published online for everyone to read.

With the simple (and true) assumption that online souls such as yourselves have insight, poetry and reflection worth repeating, Vocalo has created a complete interface for you. Record yourself, Broadcast yourself, Promote Yourself. Its simply that easy.

If you are an urban-minded creative soul, I strongly encourage this venue to address an Urban, multi-cultural diverse audience.

Death Train [Kyofu Ressha]

Genre: Mind-Bending Death Tale

review in one breath

An innocent summer train ride turns into a mind-shattering nightmare for three high school girls. This is the third tale in the "Hino Hideshi Theater of Horror" hexology, and is easily the most thought-provoking and potentially horrific episode of the series. This is a bizarre and intricate story which provides viewers just enough clues to follow through its otherwise indiscernible progression but resolves in a rather enigmatic way which ultimately requires of audiences some after-thought if they hope to understand the nature of the nightmare.

Flowers From Hell: The modern Japanese horror film

Genre: Thorough Exploration of Contemporary Japanese Horror

Author: Jim Harper (2008)

review in one breath

Penned by our good friend Jim Harper, Flowers From Hell offers a highly readable and detailed exploration through the labyrinthine corridors of Japan's horror cinema. In contrast to many recent books on this topic, Harper wisely avoids the "catalog" approach and instead offers readers a thorough, engaging and often humorous discussion of J-Horror's chronological and topical developments. Fans of Japanese Horror, whether nOOb or veteran, will easily find this book both entertaining and educational.

Real World [Riaru Warudo]

Genre: Urban Youth Culture - Crime Drama

Author: Natsuo Kirino (2008)

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In an urban Tokyo neighborhood, the world of four high school girls is turned inside out when an acquaintance brutally kills his mother and flees using one of their bikes and cell phone. Progressively told from the perspective of each of the four girls and the killer himself, this novel plumbs social and relational depths facing contemporary Japanese youth. This is the latest novel by author Natsu Kirino to be translated into English.

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