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May 2009 Archives

Genre: Japanese Culture, Art, Manga and Film

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The latest issue of Otaku Magazine is now available. This one is entitled "Play" and focuses on the themes of players and play in all its manifestations. I've been a fan of Otaku Mag since I first ran across it a year ago. Its dedication to Japan-inspired art and technology is thoroughly entertaining, and its glossy visual presentation sets a very high standard for underground publications.

This issue is being published as a limited release, so if you are interested in ordering it, I recommend you do so quickly. The issue is expected to sell out soon. For info on ordering and the new issue's contents, keep reading.

Space Amoeba
[Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no daikaiju]

aka "Yog Monster from Space"

Genre: Alien-Spawned Giant Seafood!

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An unmanned space flight to Jupiter mysteriously changes route and crashes near a remote pacific Island, bringing with it a mind-controlling alien parasite. But before it can realize its plan to take over Earth, it will have to move up the food chain, starting with squid, crabs and turtles, all the size of skyscrapers and hell-bent on munching the local population. This is the last non-Godzilla film by the Grand-Daddy of Kaiju, director Ishiro Honda!

Under the Carp Banner
[Koinobori hatameku shita ni]

aka "Molester: Obscene Peeping"
[Chikan Waisetsu Nozoki]

Genre: Pinku-Erotic Social Commentary

review in one breath

In Under the Carp Banner renowned/notorious director Kazuhiro Sano creates an impressively explosive clash between Japan's contemporary social momentum and traditional sensibilities, all under the umbrella of an independent erotic (pink) film. While chocked full of sex scenes, this film clearly demonstrates Sano's highly valued contribution to the intellectual trajectory of independent Japanese film and easily justifies his place amongst the "Four Kings of Pink".

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