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August 2010 Archives

Attack Girls' Swim Team versus The Undead
[Joshikyoei hanrangun]

Genre: LESBO Bikini Babes slaughtering the Zombie Horde!

review in one breath

Poor young Aki *barely* gets acclimated to her new school and the hot bods of her pals in the girl swim team before a strange virus erupts causing all hell to break loose. Fortunately, while blue-veined viral teachers are decapitating students with classroom paraphernalia and then devouring them, Aki and her new best friend Sayaka decide to kick some Zombie Butt, just as soon as they strip down and enjoy some pre-Zombie LESBO fun!

Executive Koala
[Koara Kacho]

Genre: Bruce-Lee-Martial-Arts Musical involving an Axe-Wielding-Psycho-Killer Salaryman who happens to be a 6- Foot Tall Koala.

review in one breath

Tamura is a highly successful and functional business manager at his beloved pickle company. Everything he touches in the realm of business turns into success to the company's great delight. The only things he seems to have going against him are (1) he is a huge, towering fuzzy Koala in an otherwise wholly human world, and (2) he suffers from frequent memory lapses. Oh, and every time his memory fails, a grisly murder occurs. Just a coincidence, right?

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