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Otaku Magazine: Kaidan Issue (


Otaku Magazine: Kaidan Issue

Genre: Japanese Culture, Art, Manga and Film
Author: Otaku Staff & International Contributors

review in one breath

The new issue of Otaku Magazine, dedicated wholly to traditional Japanese Kaidan is now available. This highly-polished and glossy art magazine offers international purveyors and fans of Japanese art, manga and otaku-dom a very thorough and broad quarterly glimpse into the latest and greatest eye-candy from Japan. This is a bilingual publication catering to both English and Romanian audiences interested in the contemporary Japanese art scene. And dare I mention their Kaidan issue features an article by yours truly? (Apparently I dare.)


Otaku Magazine is now a year old and its most recent issue is dedicated to the traditional genre of Japanese horror, the Kaidan (怪談). I recently reviewed the prior issue of Otaku Magazine and there confessed how impressed I was by its high quality effort to present a very visual and tactile experience. After seeing the most recent issue, I can only second my own opinion.

This is a relatively new magazine, published by very skilled and dedicated people in the fields of publication and graphic design. As with most underground fringe projects, it is at this point purely a labor of love for them. And with that effort and sentiment I can wholly empathize, and perhaps every other webmaster and web reviewer of (self-motivated) Japanese film sites concur. Perhaps what really impresses me is the mastery over the printed page. All web sites (including SaruDama) must worry about image download times and basic browser uniformity. We do not have to worry about "glossy" versus "matte" print. But the fine people at Otaku Magazine live and breathe in the print medium, and they prove without a shadow of doubt that they are dedicated to providing the most visually stunning images possible.


Yes, there's what they call a slight "conflict of interest" here since the current issue features an article I wrote for them entitled Kaidan: Traditional Japanese Ghost Tales and Japanese Horror Film. I'm not sure whose interest might be conflicted, though. Is it yours? (If so, my apologies.) I don't think its mine.

But there's PLENTY more here than my meager contribution. In fact, here's the basic table of contents:

  • Exhibition: Xenia Stan (RO), Vladimir Taroi (RO)
  • Interview: Vasile Alboiu (RO)
  • Article: Kaidan: Traditional Japanese Ghost Tales and Japanese Horror Film. Scott David Foutz (USA)
  • Kaidan Manga: Kazuo Umezu (JP), Hideshi Hino (JP), Junji Ito (JP)
  • Kaidan Anime
  • Kaidan Film: (USA)
  • Kaidan Games: LEVEL (RO)
  • Aya Kato@115: (RO)
  • Illustrations: Heliana (RO), Saddo (RO), Aya Kato (JP), Yoskay Yamamoto (JP), Dermot Reddan (USA), The Horror (UK), Yan Wei (CN), More Than a Friend (CAN), Veronica Solomon (RO), Dave MacDowell (USA), Nikiforov Anton (RU), Arisu (PT), Nishi (JP), Mihai Marcu (RO), Sam Gilbey (UK)
  • Toys: Review Custom Toyz. Vera, Ruxi, Alexandra (RO)
  • Interview: Liste Noire (RO)
  • Article: Lolita – Extraordinary Street Fashion, Kyshah Hell (USA), fotos: Marianne Williams (USA)
  • Article: Hayo Miyazaki (part II). Veronica Solomon (RO)
  • Interview: Interview with Ryosuke Tei, creative director of Furi Furi (JP)
  • Return by Inkamon (RO)
  • Masca by Nicolae Drob (RO)
  • What have you done to tentoumushi? by Akira, Mimi (RO)
  • Cain and Abel by Asra, Ruxi (RO)
  • Article: Japanese Ghosts. Tim Screech (UK)
  • Kaidan Music CD (included FREE with all internet orders): ghOst (UK), Ghost (USA), Ghost of a Flea (CA), Ghost Band (USA), Ghostfog (DE) Jigoku Nohara (BE), Kaidan Eiga (IT), ManiFest (DE), Smm (RO), Likantropika (AD), Makunouchi Bento (RO)

I encourage you to check this out, if simply for a single issue. I sincerely believe that Otaku Magazine (superbly) represents and caters to the type of underground, fringe communities which constitute the vast majority of visitors to SaruDama and other like-minded sites. Simply put, its wholly gratifying to see a new underground project master completely a different media delving into our own beloved interests in stunningly polished, glossy PRINT. I personally love it.

If you are interested, you can order an issue here (and select the English language option.) Otaku currently reserves only 100 issues for international sale, so first come, first serve.

Here's a few snapshots for your viewing pleasure

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