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Otaku Magazine: Play


Genre: Japanese Culture, Art, Manga and Film

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The latest issue of Otaku Magazine is now available. This one is entitled "Play" and focuses on the themes of players and play in all its manifestations. I've been a fan of Otaku Mag since I first ran across it a year ago. Its dedication to Japan-inspired art and technology is thoroughly entertaining, and its glossy visual presentation sets a very high standard for underground publications.

This issue is being published as a limited release, so if you are interested in ordering it, I recommend you do so quickly. The issue is expected to sell out soon. For info on ordering and the new issue's contents, keep reading.

The new "Play" issue has really ramped up its multimedia content with an interactive DVD included with the magazine. The DVD contains audio tracks, art, video and indie games.

You can order your copy here. (Note the language preferences on the order form.)

The "Play" issue contains the following:


Exhibition: Pisica Patrata, Whaleless, Totoro Forest Project;

Pictoplasma the beginning, by Veronica Solomon;

A Play Of Dolls by InkaMon;

Art Installations: Suzana Dan (Romania), Iwona Liegmann (Poland), Hush Monkey Studios (USA);

Bento lunches: special interview, by Cristian Botea;

Gadgets, by Reactive;

J-Rock Dir en grey’s Uroboros, by Irina Georgescu (Rhea);

Virtual Worlds Unplugged, by Mădălin Găgeanu;

A Short Visual History of Videogame, NES Coffee table, by Kyle Downes;

Illustrations: Jessica Fortner (Canada), Michal Sycz (Poland), Mykola (Ukraine), Natalie Ratkovski (Germany);

Recommendations: Anime, Movies (JP/USA), Games; Cosplay: Youko Nakajima (Twelve Kingdoms), Kuchiki Byakuya (Bleach), Mikan Noyamano (Air Gear), Mugen (Samurai Champloo);

A World Out of Order - the Postmodern Pattern in Samurai Champloo Anime Series, by Ruxandra Târcă;

Adrian Florea – Lego Ambassador special interview, by Otaku;

EbOY special interview, by Bogdan Gorgăneanu;

Nullsleep special interview by Otaku;

2 Player Productions; Manga, Comics: Jump! • art by Between • story by Between & Inkamon;

Serial Experiments Hamster • art & story by Inkamon;

Dialogues#2 • art & story by Ciubi;

Cain & Abel Chapter 4 • art by Asra • story by Ruxi;

Uşuraticii • art & story by Nae


Audio: 8-bit artists from around the world
Dubmood (FR), Graffiti Monsters (USA), Ikuma (SG), Jellica (UK), Kaseo (JP), Kplecraft (JP), Makunouchi Bento (RO), minus (RO), Moloh (RO), Nordloef (SE), Nullsleep (USA), Peter Swimm (USA), Pixelh8 (UK), Random (SE), she (SE), Sidabitball (FR), USK (JP).

Video: Live performances from Blip Festival NYC
8GB (AR), 6955 (JP), Alex Mauer (USA), Bit Shifter (USA), Blasterhead (JP), B.S.K. (JP), Bubblyfish (USA), Coova (JP), Covox (SE), Glomag (USA), Kaseo (JP), Markus Schrodt (AT), minus (RO), minusbaby (USA), Neil Voss (USA), Nullsleep (USA), Postal_M@rket (IT), Saitone (JP), Saskrotch (USA), The Depreciation Guild (USA), YMCK (JP)

Indie Games: Trailers and information about the greatest independent games
Blueberry Garden, Cletus Clay, Cortex Command, Crayon Physics Deluxe, Dyson, Feist, Machinarium, Mightier, Osmos, Retro/Grade, Snapshot, Walkie Tonky, World Of Goo.

Baneling MOC, Boxing Tonight, Galaxy Tonight, Kyle Downes, Ie Ilie, Reformat the planet, Sting Operation, Video Games Live.

The Play Issue also comes with a full-size fold-out poster by EbOY entitled "New York".

For more information and pictures of the new issue, click here.

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