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Kamakura Dai Butsu / Great Buddha


Kamakura Dai Butsu
[Great Buddha of Kamakura]

This enormous bronze monument depicting Amida Buddha was originally cast in 1252. It weighs over 93 tons, stands nearly 44 feet (13.35 m) high and was originally housed within a much grander wooden temple. In 1498, a large tsumami swept the wooden temple away, leaving only the bronze Amida, which to this day remains an outdoor monument.

Believe me: If you are ever in that neighborhood, it will be well worth your time to check out the sheer scale of this contemplative behemoth.

Here are a couple pics I took:

Can you picture the grandeur of the temple which once housed this huge statue?


I am super jelous you got to see this amazing statue of Buddha. I can only imagine how huge and serene this statue must be.

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