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[Malice Doll]

Genre: Computer Generated Sci-Fi Horror

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"Let me give you a kiss.
It's the only thing I can do."

Much more akin to the Computer Generated (CG) graphics of Final Fantasy than to a traditional "anime", Malice@Doll tells a dark and surreal tale which conjures up the darkest moments of Stanley Kubrick's vision in A.I.. Although not quite as lavishly realistic as Final Fantasy, which strove to depict such things as the independent movement of hair follicles, the graphics in Malice@Doll are nevertheless meticulously done and its environments are convincingly dismal and nuanced.

Death Note
[Desu Noto]

Genre: Supernaturally-Fueled Crime Thriller

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This highly involved and plot-twisting anime series revolves around a supernatural "Death Notebook" which falls into the hands of an over-zealous young man intent on bringing about a new, more "just" world order. Those whose names are written in the Death Note promptly die in a highly untraceable manner, creating the ultimate weapon against Japan's rising crime rate and ineffective judicial system. But the new found tool comes at a price, as soon the deadly line is blurred between justifiable corporal punishment and sheer Utopian ideology. This is the anime version of the highly popular manga and subsequent live-action film versions.

[Tekkon Kinkreet]

Genre: Yakuza-infused Orphan Youth Angst

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In the last remaining vestige of an otherwise over-modernized metropolis, two orphaned children have learned to live both freely and violently amongst rival gang intrusion, yakuza activity, and the good-natured help from some similarly-minded, decade-weary citizens. This tale, seen through their own eyes, is wholly about the survival and destruction of these two orphaned youths, not only in terms of their physical safety but also their mental landscape. Childhood dreams and hopes struggle headlong with the reality of urban decay, vicious crime, and the crippling sense of loss.

Karas : The Revelation

Genre: Explosive Conclusion to this Kick-Ass Sci-Fi Samurai Epic

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This final half to the visually explosive Karas storyline will certainly not disappoint. Rendered in both cell anime and crisp CG techniques, this entire tale of Shinto-esque resurrection and samurai-like vengeance is truly one to behold. Fans of (testosterone fueled) tales of revenge and vengeance will certainly get their fill here. And fans of redemptive, humanistic struggles and triumphs over moral ambiguities and wrong decisions will also be knee deep. If you can, certainly see this.

Karas : The Prophecy

Genre: Fascinating Anime Blend of Traditional and Futuristic Monsters

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To the human eye, contemporary Shinjuku seems merely a bustling city brimming with normal human affairs. But as this tale demonstrates, the ancient yokai, supernatural beings of traditional lore, continue to live among and within humanity even in this day and age. Diligently guarding the interaction between these two realms is Karas, a formidable ghost warrior of exceptional skills. This is the first of a beautifully rendered two volume set providing the latest in cutting edge Japanese animation.


Genre: Psychedelic Sci-Fi Anime
Director: Kon Satoshi (2006)

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Dreams and Reality collide with devastating consequence in this highly colorful and imaginative anime by director Satoshi Kon. After years of effort, a research team has nearly perfected a device which taps into a subject's dreams. The goal of the project is to use the device to help subjects overcome psychological obstacles and enhance the growth of consciousness. But it the wrong hands and quickly proves a malevolent weapon which not only melts the minds of its victims but soon overlaps objective reality with the subjective manipulation of Nightmare.

Salaryman Kintaro

Genre: Whoop-Ass White Collar Anime Series

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When notorious bike-gang leader Yajima Kintaro abandons his gang to pursue a straighter path, he finds that even in the mundane world of white collar work there are plenty of times a man must either step up and confront injustice or acquiesce out of intimidation. Unfortunately for the bad guys, Kintaro has not forgotten his whoop-ass ways and brings a whole new meaning to the phrase "office power politics"! This is an infamously excellent and meaningful anime series for both youth and adults. Definitely a must see!

GTO : Great Teacher Onizuka

Genre: Very Funny Ruffian Turned Teacher Fiascoes!

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"GTO" stands for "Great Teacher Ozinuka", referring to a rough and tumble yet amazingly sincere teacher of Japanese junior high students. Though drawn in traditional cell animation, this series' (amazingly) polished degree of humor, societal commentary and wholesome humanitarianism make this a "must see" event. Here is another excellent example of creative and meaningful Japanese anime.

Apple Seed

Genre: EXCELLENT (!) Sci-Fi Action CG Anime -- Please Don't Wake Me Up

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With humanity on the brink of self-annihilation due to prolonged and numerous wars, human-like androids endowed with artificial intelligence are dispersed throughout the population to "balance" mankind's irrational emotionalism. But as the androids appear ready to surpass humanity on the evolutionary stage, a subversive movement is spawned to overthrow the new life forms, and with them the critical balance to humanity's darker side. This is such an incredible visual experience that I can only implore that you see it for yourself!

Blood Reign - Curse of the Yoma
[Y�ma / Youma]


Genre: Sengoku Era Ninja Versus Monsters Anime

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When a childhood friend suddenly disappears following inexplicable circumstances, Hikage sets out to solve the mystery. Along the way he encounters zombies, Shinto Gods, formidable warriors, a couple hot babes, and one VERY Bad Dude! This is an old-school anime with a good traditional Japanese nature/monster theme where Good must fight Evil while the fate of the entire cosmos hangs in the balance!

Ghost In The Shell 2 : Innocence

Genre: Surreal Futurist Vision of Mind Meets Machine

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In this highly acclaimed sequel, not only has the technological bizzarities of the world gone rampant, but the producers have taken a qualitative evolutionary step in their anime rendering. This is an amazing piece of eye candy wrapped in an intellectually satisfying Sci-Fi tale. The futuristic vision presented here is quite impressive and often jaw-dropping.

Ghost In The Shell
[Koukaku Kidoutai]

Genre: Matrix Meets Blade Runner in an Existential Spiral

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This "cyber-punk" animation follows the human-machine hybrids Major Kusanagi and Batou of the Anti-Terrorism Unit as they pursue a mysterious and formidable hacker known as the Puppet Master. In this futuristic world where computers blend effortlessly with the human psyche, human strength can be multiplied many times through robotic enhancements. Of course, it also means that one's mind is only as safe as the cyber-security surrounding it. This is a highly memorable film which held significant impact upon the anime community.


Genre: Computer Generated Sci-Fi Eye Candy

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After young Alice is propelled thirty years into to the future, the world she finds is horribly different from the one she left. Massive population decrease and mysterious mass removal of entire villages all point to the formidable and mysterious Nero who controls the entire world through a super-intelligent computer which is virtually impenetrable.


Genre: Damien Meets the X-Men Meets the END OF THE WORLD!!!

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When a freak scientific exploration breaches the underworld, Hell itself soon floods the world of the living, transforming millions into gross demonic creatures and obliterating any remaining global social order. As humans turn against humans in a berserk and violent witchhunt for the demonic mutants, global war and chaos ensue as Satan himself scoffingly watches humanity self-destruct. And yet one frighteningly powerful creature cannot cast off his human heart and thus becomes the Devil/man intent on protecting those he loved. Based on the manga, this is an incredible visual explosion which puts any Western apocalyptic tale to shame.

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