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Tokyo 10+01
[Tokyo Eleven]

Genre: Cheese Action

review in one breath

Oh my. This was painful. Very painful.

There are some movies which, after watching, one is forced to ask: why? Why? WHY? There are other movies which, after watching, one must refrain from throwing oneself out a window screaming: why? Why?? WHY???(!) Tokyo 10 + 01 is defintely of this latter sort and will have you questioning how such an obvious atrocity as this could expect anything other than a loud THUD as the audience's last shreds of hope in director Higuchinksy's skill hit the floor.

Misa the Dark Angel
[aka Eko Eko Azarak 3]

Genre: Trans-Dimensional Supernatural Horror

review in one breath

The mysterious Kuroi Misa is back, this time investigating why an incredibly charred demonic girl screamed Misa's name before melting into the Tokyo street. Clues lead her to a local highschool and into a thespian club's attempt to dramatically reenact the Homunculus play. Little do the girls realize, however, that their play is actually a satanic ritual which will transport them to a sinister dimension of terror (and a gazillion lurching homunculii)!

Marronnier [the subtitle should be: Run Like Hell]

Genre: Craptastic and Wholly Avoidable Doll-Zombie Schlock

Version reviewed: Region 1 subtitled DVD

Preferring the eternal beauty (and blissful silence) of dolls to real-life women a sissy mad scientist methodically abducts blossoming cuties and converts them into tiny wax marionettes. The resulting CREEPY doe-eyed dolls not only become a mega-hit with Tokyo consumers but soon end up walking, talking, and occasionally spilling goopy eyeballs and body parts onto their now screaming owners. Based on the manga by Ito Junji, this is truly one god-AWFUL film.

Rensa: The Cursed Video
[Rensa: Noroi no Bideo]

Genre: (Very) Low-budget (non)Supernatural (non)Horror

review in one breath

Only four video tapes remain from an ambitious group of four youth who had set out to investigate various mysterious suicides. Following the group's unexplained disappearance, a detailed exploration of the content of the four tapes is pursued in the hopes that some light might be shed on the matter. Will the grainy tapes reveal the mystery behind the group's untimely demise? WHO KNOWS?!?!

Tales of Terror from Tokyo - Volume 1
[Kaidan Shin Mimi Bukuro: Night 1]

Genre: Collection of 15 Terrifyingly Unscary Tales

review in one breath

Culled from the long-running TV series of Kaidan Shinmimi Bukuro, this collection of 15 short tales from various directors sets a new standard for anti-climactic "horror" stories ranging from the unscary to the utterly dull.

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