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Cutie Honey (Anno Hideaki 2004)


Cutie Honey [Kyuti Hani]

Genre: Cleavage-Filled SuperHero Story of Love

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Based on the popular manga, this live-action version follows the CUTIE superhero as she tries to save Tokyo from the formidable Queen of Darkness and her strange minions. This film effectively pulls together comedy, sexiness, CG effects and a really good narrative. This was totally entertaining, and yes I LOVE CUTIE HONEY!!


The "Cutie Honey" character, a voluptuous super heroine whose costumes are always either tittilatingly skimpy or on the verge of falling off, has been the basis of a long-running and highly popular manga series. And while Cutie in all her cutieness is sure to give adolescent males a woody, the manga's popularity encompasses audiences of both genders due to (in part) its humanitarian and love-based stories.

This film is directed by Anno Hideaki whose other directorial work has been exclusively in theatrically released anime. Hideaki is himself an accomplished manga artist and is perhaps best known on paper and in film (as director) for the very popular anime series Evangelion. On the current film he works alongside Nagai Go, another accomplished manga artist whose creations include Kekko Kamen and Devilman, both highly popular manga series which eventually appeared as live-action cinematic versions.

The role of Cutie Honey is played by the very eye-appealing Sato Eriko, who here not only does a great job in convincingly portraying an amazingly carefree yet skilled super heroine, she also looks HOT HOT HOT (!!!) in all the skin-tight skimpy costumes and lingerie which she seems so fond of wearing in front of the camera.

In addition to ample and appreciated cleavage, audiences are in for some creative CG effects, some of which are quite impressive. In this regard, recent manga-based live-action films from Japan have been wholly impressive. Throughout watching this film I couldn't help but be reminded of the impressive CG effects in Devilman, a film released the same year and also involving Nagai Go.


The seemingly carefree Office Gal "Cutie" quickly turns out to be a multi-faceted super heroine able to battle even the most bizarre underworld enemies. Inadvertently Cutie becomes friends with Police Sergeant Natsuko and newspaper reporter Seiji.

Hell itself soon breaks loose when the Queen of Darkness summons her rather bizarre generals and abducts the "professor" responsible for Cutie Honey's superhuman power.

Cutie Honey must confront not only the Queen's formidable warriors but also her utter lack of human relationship before this complex mystery can be solved.


I personally found this to be a wholly satisfying and entertaining tale. It brims with truly comedic and heart-felt narrative and has an impressive array of CG effects which which easily sets this film apart from so many others.

This is to date unavailable in an (US) subtitled version, but this would indeed be a very appealing and entertaining experience for Western audiences.

Version reviewed: Unsubtitled VHS

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
Fun live-action version of the long-running manga series. No graphic violence, but one screamingly conflagrated enemy. Half Naked Honey Cutie every which way. This is a very entertaining and well drawn anime-based live-action film. Wholly recommended!.

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