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Sins of Sister Lucia
[Shudojo Lucia: Kegasu]

Genre: Nymphomaniac NUNsploitation!

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Poor little Rumiko! First she steals a trunk load of money from her dear ol' daddy, then she seduces her impressionable plaid-wearing English tutor, and then she stabs somebody with a knife. What's a loving father to do other than ship her off to a convent which, it turns out, is modeled after Sodom and Gomorrah rather than any Heavenly City. But tough little Rumiko isn't having any of it and soon she brings the entire Naughty Nunnery to their knees, so to speak.

[Kirei: The Terror of Beauty]

Genre: Cosmetic Surgery-Fueled Psycho Thriller

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A prosperous cosmetic surgeon is approached by a woman utterly crippled by an inferiority complex over her lack of beauty. When the woman hands over wads of cash during her request, the doctor quickly agrees and a series of initial surgeries are scheduled to fix eyes, nose and chin, etc. But with the completion of each surgery, the woman desperately pleads for another and then hands over another mountain of cash. When the doctor finally asks a psychiatrist's opinion of the woman's never-ending hunger for more surgery, he strongly warns against any further procedures and worries for the safety of the doctor, leaving the doctor to decide between this advice and the huge sums of money.

Freeze Me

Genre: Revenge Thriller

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Thinking she had put her past behind her, Chisato is suddenly confronted by the men responsible for her humiliating rape years before. Their sheer disrespect for her slowly destroys the home, job and relationships she had built up for herself. With literally nothing else to lose, she gradually takes things into her own hands, exacting the revenge her merciless abusers deserve.

Blind Beast

Genre: Philosophical Exploration into Absolute Hedonism

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A blind sculptor convinced that a new era of tactile-centric art is necessary, abducts and holds captive a leading model in the hopes of convincing her to participate in his artistic dream. What ensues is a truly remarkable avalanche of human emotion, instinct and depravity. Here director Masamura leads audiences down seemingly harmless philosophical corridors until we too are convinced of his mind-breaking conclusion.

[Noctiluca Scintillans??!]

Genre: Supernatural Boob-Fest or The Horny Adventures of the Invisible Man

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While police investigate the suspicious death of Okuda Koichi, one by one his co-workers die (usually in the throes of passionate sex) in very bloody and mysterious ways. The diabolical killer has skillfully eluded all police detection, almost as if he were invisible, which of course, will also allow him to watch huge numbers of buxom girls disrobe and jiggle before getting on with his modus operandi.

A Snake of June
[Rokugatsu no Hebi]

Genre: Erotic Thriller

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A Snake of June is a 2002 film directed by Tsukamoto Shinya. Tsukamoto has an impressive and creative career in both acting and directing. He has appeared in numerous films, many of which he also directed. Films in which he holds this dual role (of director and actor) include Tetsuo (1988), Tetsuo 2 (1992), Bullet Ballet (1998) and A Snake of June, the film under review here. Other films which Tsukamoto directed (but did not appear in) include Hiroku: Goblin Hunter (1990) and Gemini (1999).

Angel Guts: Red Porno
[Tenshi no Harawata: Akai Inga]

Genre: Libidinous Morality Tale

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The Angel Guts series consists of five films based on the 1970's Japanese "horror" manga by Ishii Takashi. After an initial failure to successfully break into cinema, Ishii poured his creative energy into a manga series entitled Tenshi no Harawata (Angel Guts). Ishii's horrific manga was much more popular than his initial cinematic endeavor, and yet came full circle when its popularity resulted in the production of five films, the fifth of which Ishii himself directed. Most of the five films in the Angel Guts series is directed by a different director and each thematically involves the rape of a young woman named Nami.

Angel Guts: Red Classroom
[Tenshi no Harawata: Akai Kyoushitsu]

Genre: Morality Tale Exploring Irrevocable Demise and Depravity

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The Angel Guts series consists of five films based on the 1970's Japanese "horror" manga by Ishii Takashi. After an initial failure to successfully break into cinema, Ishii poured his creative energy into a manga series entitled Tenshi no Harawata (Angel Guts). Ishii's horrific manga was much more popular than his initial cinematic endeavor, and yet came full circle when its popularity resulted in the production of five films, the fifth of which Ishii himself directed. Most of the five films in the Angel Guts series is directed by a different director and each thematically involves the rape of a young woman named Nami.

Reborn from Hell 2: Jubei's Revenge
[Makai Tensho: mado-hen]

Genre: Quasi-historical Supernatural Samurai [Tokugawa/Edo Era: 1603-1867 AD]

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"Can Jubei rescue the Princess Ohiro and stop the Demon Warriors in time to save the ENTIRE WORLD???!!"

Alright! Our one-eyed hunk of samurai, Jubei Yagyu, is back to kick some demon derrière, and this time he means business! By the end of the prequel Reborn from Hell: Samurai Armageddon we had no doubt that Jubei rocked! By the end of this movie, we will be utterly awash in Jubei manhood and the shameful puniness of our own pectorals!

Reborn from Hell: Samurai Armageddon
[Makai tensho: The Armageddon]

Genre: Quasi-historical Supernatural Samurai [Tokugawa/Edo Era: 1603-1867 AD]

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Here is a bizarre tale that mixes apocalypticism, classic goth horror, one-eyed samurais, and nekked virgins!

Nama Gomi: Shitaiiki
[Raw Garbage: The Abandoned Corpse]

Genre: Zombie Pornography

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To those who have seen this film, it will be no surprise to learn that director Murata Keiichiro went on to produce two adult films immediately following Nama Gomi. Also of no surprise is the title of one of those films, Uniformed Girls. I say these will be of no surprise since easily two-thirds of Nama Gomi is prolonged sex scenes, many of which involve the classic Japanese fantasy of uniformed nurses. In fact, this film has so much sex in it that things like dialogue and plot are merely distractions from the true purpose of this film, which seems to be to provide an illustrated guide to a variety of erotic fantasies and sexual positions. (!!!)

Kaisha no Kaidan 2: Office Horror Story

Genre: Supernatural Ghost Stories

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Kaisha no Kaidan and Kaisha no Kaidan 2 were both directed by Katou Fumihiko in 1997. Katou is not exactly a distinguished director as most of his other work was done from the position of Assistant Director. His only other work as principal director is the interestingly titled Orgasm Mariko (1996). Being unable to locate a viewable copy of this undoubtedly great film, I can only wonder what it could be about. Any guesses?

Ai no corrida

In the Realm of the Senses

Genre: Death Spiral of Obsessive Love

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This movie by Oshima Nagisa contains scenes that go well beyond the allowances of the Japanese film industry censors and was thus produced in France. This could easily be (and has been) considered a form of pornography, but is seldom declared such due to perhaps the historical background of the story and Oshima's determination to have this produced as an artistic revolt against Japan's unwillingness to allow anything of this sort (at a time when Western film was producing pornography). That said, those watching this movie are in for some very graphic sex scenes which leave little or nothing to the imagination.

The Notorious Concubines
[Kin Pei Bei]

Genre: One Sexy Woman Brings the (13th century Chinese) World to Its Knees

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Based on the legendary exploits of Pan Chin Lien, a 13th century Chinese housewife whose passion and prowess not only eventually led to a prestigious status but also to the overthrow of several key men of power. This is another bizarre film by notorious director Wakamatsu Koji, only this time, the production studio is pulling the strings.

Flower and Snake 2: Paris/Shizuko
[Hana to hebi 2: Pari/Shizuko ]

Genre: Self-Indulgent BDSM Pornography Fantasy

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Sugimoto Aya, erotic contortionist extraordinaire, returns for this sequel of the notorious BDSM fetish flick Hana to Hebi. Here, rather than victim, she plays veritable poster girl for women whose fantasies include being tightly tied up with hemp rope and treated roughly by men. Viva la Revolucion de Femme!!!

Flower and Snake
[Hana to Hebi]

Genre: Ludicrous BDSM Pornography Fantasy

review in one breath

When the lovely and pristine Shizuko is sold to the yakuza by her noodle-spined husband, she becomes the newest attraction in a bizarre and perverse sex show run for the fetishist pleasure of high-paying mask-wearing voyeurs. This film attempts to straddle the line between erotica and straight-out pornography by involving a well-known mainstream cast in an amazingly seedy and shocking narrative.

Edo Porn
[Hokusai Manga]

Genre: Dramatized Biography of Artist Hokusai Katsushika

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This is a biographical film which follows the struggles of Edo-era artist Hokusai from his poorest beginnings to his famed accomplishments, including his notorious libidinous drawings. Though risque in much of what is depicts, this comes across as a straight-forward jidai-geki exploring a well-known historical figure's life and obsessions.

School of the Holy Beast
[Seiju gakuen / Convent of the Sacred Beast]

Genre: Norifumi's Naughty NUNsploitation

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When Maya Takigawa enters a Catholic Nunnery to investigate the mysterious death of her mother, she finds a veritable circus of LESBO-ACTION and exuberant flagellation. And when things couldn't seem to get any more bizarre, she learns not only the fate of her mother but also the identity of her heretofore unknown father. This notorious film by equally notorious director Suzuki Norifumi undoubtedly kept millions of young Japanese women from entering the Catholic monastery!

Girl Boss Guerilla
[Sukeban Gerira]

Genre: Fist Flailing Female Bikers

review in one breath

Sachiko and her Red Helmet Gang leave the neon of Shinjuku and take a road trip to see the Gion Festival of Kyoto. But within hours of their arrival we find them nipple deep in yakuza cat fights (MEOW!!) and estrogen-driven power grabs! Will Sachiko be able to maintain her grip over the unruly Kyoto gangs? And, more importantly, will she be able to locate the missing plot???

Terrifying Girls' High School: Lynch Law Classroom
[Kyoufu Joshi Koukou: Boukou Rinchi Kyoushitsu]

Genre: Bad-Girl Gang Brawls Extraordinaire

review in one breath

Beneath the facade of the Hope Reform School for Girls is a seedy and corrupt administration using the female students for everything from bar hostesses to discipline enforcers. When tough girl gang leader Kazama Noriko is suddenly sent to the school, she finds that cruelty and injustice run rampant. As the powers that be attempt to put the squeeze on Noriko, you can begin to hear the slight tic tic ticking of a very BIG time bomb.

Female Prisoner 701 Scorpion
[Joshuu 701-go: Sasori ]

Genre: Babes (and Breasts) Behind Bars

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Imprisoned for trying to kill a crooked cop, Matsushima Nami becomes prisoner 701 in a ruthless and sadistic prison where oodles of breast-baring and backstabbing abound. Though surviving the many plots on her life by fellow female inmates requires her constant vigilance, her sight is set on escaping in order to exact her consuming revenge.

Kekko Kamen Returns
[Kekko Kamen: ritanzu]

Genre: Habitually Nude Heroine Comes to the Rescue of Bathing Beauties.

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Our Butt-Naked Heroine is back, this time to save poor Mayumi from the perverted coaches of the girls' swimming team! When the faculty's gleeful panty raids are suddenly interrupted by a buxom ghost in a swimsuit, a school mystery slowly unfolds. But only the formidable and nude skills of Kekko Kamen can solve the secrets of this terror and bring justice to these poor over-worked (and over-gawked) girls!

Kunoichi: Lady Ninja [Kunoichi ninpocho Yagyu gaiden]

Genre: Mythical Schlock Ninja-ette Adventure [Late Edo/Tokugawa Era]

review in one breath

Though the last 7 daughters of the Hori clan have hidden as nuns in a convent, the Evil Lord of Aizu soon comes knocking. When they discover that their father has been captured and killed by the Evil Lord, they swear amongst themselves to avenge their father's death by unleashing the hidden Ninja Magic within themselves. Under the tutelage of master samurai Yagyu Jubei, the 7 soon find themselves nipple-deep in disaster.

Seduce and Swindle [Akumyouden]

Genre: Low Budget Crime Drama bOOb-Fest

review in one breath

When habitual lady swindler Ikki sets his site on one of the most prominent young women in Tokyo, both the cops and other swindlers are soon hot on his tail. Under the thin guise of a barely suspenseful crime drama, moan-filled sex scenes and nipple close-ups prevail. Woo Hoo!!

Kekko Kamen : Mangriffon's Counterattack
[Kekko Kamen: Mangurifon no gyakushu]

Genre: Butt-Naked Female Superhero Kicks, uh, Butt

review in one breath

When good-natured Mayumi finds herself at the mercy of her sadistic, panty-crazed teachers, only one brave naked soul is capable of confronting her tormentors -- Kekko Kamen! Wearing nothing but knee-high red boots and a red leather mask, this nunchaku wielding superhero gives these perverts a dose of their own medicine. Wildly cornball and completely over the top, this will have you watching with mouth agape in utter disbelief! Two Nipples Up!

Kunoichi: Deadly Mirage [Genma Sappocho: Shensengumi Hishou]

Genre: Buxom Ninja-ette Monster Showdown
Director: Akiyama Yutaka (1997)

review in one breath

When the Shinsen Clan learns of a plot to overthrow the Tokugawa government, they send out their five remaining ninjas, all women of the Shiryu bloodline. While battling numerous adversaries to intercept a secret letter outlining the details of the planned subversion, a bizarre evil is unleashed by a well-meaning monk attempting to resurrect a dead soldier. What ensues is a whole lotta naked writhing and a battle of semi-epic proportions with zombies intent on taking over the world or something.

A Weather Woman
[Otenki Oneesan]

Genre: Boobie-Filled Weather Woman Catfight Extraordinaire

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When sexually-charged and highly ambitious Keiko finally gets her chance to make her TV debut, her flirtatious and unorthodox methods soon make her the most popular weather woman in all of Japan. As her ratings soar and her boldness increases, a plot by a rival femme fatale soon turns into a full-blown extravaganza of dueling beauties. For there can be only one... Weather Woman.

Eko Eko Azarak: Wizard of Darkness

Genre: Supernatural Lesbian Slasher

review in one breath

Thirteen high school students find themselves the unwitting sacrifices in a grand scheme to resurrect Lucifer in a bid for world domination. As their number dwindles in gruesome manner, the survivors' hope is pinned solely on the magic powers of the new transfer student Kuroi Misa. This is a fast-paced blend of euro-Goth witchcraft, schlock gore and HOT LESBIAN ACTION!

Female Yakuza Tale: Inquisition and Torture
[Yasagure anego den: sokatsu rinchi]

Genre: Whole Lotta Nekkid Pinkie Violence

review in one breath

Inoshika Ocho is back!! And now she is tracking down a band of drug traffickers using female orifices (!) to secretly transport their dope. In this sequel to the very memorable Sex and Fury, the "blood and breast" theme continues full throttle. Though not nearly as effective as its prequel and routinely going completely over the top, this maintains a level of jaw-dropping entertainment.

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