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Flower and Snake 2 - Hana to Hebi 2 (Ishii Takashi 2005)


Flower and Snake 2: Paris/Shizuko
[Hana to hebi 2: Pari/Shizuko ]

Genre: Self-Indulgent BDSM Pornography Fantasy

review in one breath

Sugimoto Aya, erotic contortionist extraordinaire, returns for this sequel of the notorious BDSM fetish flick Hana to Hebi. Here, rather than victim, she plays veritable poster girl for women whose fantasies include being tightly tied up with hemp rope and treated roughly by men. Viva la Revolucion de Femme!!!


This film's prequel, Flower and Snake (Hana to Hebi) is already available in Western venues, and this sequel is no doubt coming your way soon.

I'll simply refer you to my previous comments regarding the origin, history and notoriety of the Hana to Hebi legacy. One point I will reiterate here is that this is purely BDSM-fetish (s)exploitation, marketed mainstream and wholesale (first in Japan and thereafter internationally) through a successful strategy of casting a highly renowned cast.

I'll also speak my mind here.

There is a universally intuited demarcation between human sexual titillation and sexual abuse/assault. Let's call this universal intuition "normalcy". I personally agree whole-heartedly with "normalcy" and have no interest whatsoever in debating it.

This film and its prequel, however, strives earnestly to expand "normalcy" to the extent of including "sexual abuse/assault". Of course such "abuse/assault" is packaged very seductively and is cast with sexy characters more than willing to undergo such humiliation onscreen. But at its core, this is another rape fantasy film in line with director Ishii's earlier work in the Angel Guts series.


She likes it rough. He likes to watch.

The beautiful Shizuko (Sugimoto Aya) is married to Tooyama Takayoshi (this time played by Jo Shishido!) and their relationship is filled with affection. The aging Takayoshi, however, is no longer able to "perform" and has thus taken up voyeuristic fantasies of seeing his wife in sexual situations (including rape), most often involving classic Japanese BDSM rope bondage.

To fulfill his wish, Shizuko agrees to visit the painter Ryosuke (Endo Kenichi), renowned for his erotic bondage themes, in order to immortalize Takayoshi's fantasy (of his wife bound and gagged!) on canvas. Though the bleary eyed painter tries to molest her on the spot, she slowly warms up to him (after a fanstasy-filled hot bath and intimacy with the showerhead) and agrees to wholly submit to his, uh, "methods". This results in some of the film's central sex/BDSM scenes as well as several LARGE paintings of tied-up Shizuko which somehow slip into the wrong hands, creating an overnight sensation in certain, shall we say, eccentric circles.

What follows is a sexually turbo-charged version of the masquerade party in Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut. Differences here, however, would include large steel cages hanging from the ceiling and mechanized, self-standing robotic dildos. (!!) In other words, Shizuko once again finds herself in a basement dungeon filled with masked and horny old men in order to be hog-tied, twisted and penetrated, just as she did in the prequel... though this time she walks in through the front door and volunteers!


As I said in my review of the prequel, this isn't anywhere near my cup of tea. This film intentionally tries to push the envelope in terms of depicted maltreatment of women. As to how these films attract truly mainstream talent, I do not know, other than perhaps the fact they get to kiss and fondle, and then fondle and kiss, a VERY naked and writhing Sugimoto. In any event, due to its well-known cast and risque content, this will likely be distributed internationally in a very short while.

Version reviewed: Region 2 Unsubtitled DVD

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
Based on a "popular" BDSM manga. One implied scene of (gruesome) physical violence. Rape is a constant theme. One prolonged and steamy consensual sex scene. The rest of the film involves men having their way with hog-tied women. Not my cup of tea. This comes across as totally implausible to me and frankly, a little dangerous.


One of the best Bondage dramas.Great cinematography and solid acting
performances- they don't hold back!

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