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Space Amoeba
[Gezora, Ganime, Kameba: Kessen! Nankai no daikaiju]

aka "Yog Monster from Space"

Genre: Alien-Spawned Giant Seafood!

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An unmanned space flight to Jupiter mysteriously changes route and crashes near a remote pacific Island, bringing with it a mind-controlling alien parasite. But before it can realize its plan to take over Earth, it will have to move up the food chain, starting with squid, crabs and turtles, all the size of skyscrapers and hell-bent on munching the local population. This is the last non-Godzilla film by the Grand-Daddy of Kaiju, director Ishiro Honda!

Tokyo Dragon
[Tokyo Ryuu]

Genre: Apocalyptic Emergence of an Ancient Power

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Tokyo and the surrounding Kanto area has been under a torrential downpour for weeks and there is little prospect that the rains will stop anytime soon. As the streets flood and general civic services grind to a halt, a sense of panic slowly builds, as electrical and computer systems begin to fail under the persistent humidity. The health hazards caused by the rampant mildew and uncollected garbage have caused even the television news stations to contemplate false forecasts predicting sunny days ahead. But the storm only grows larger, as if it were a living organism, swirling in an increasingly visible spiral pattern directly over the heart of Tokyo. At the same time, very far away at the remote Japanese island of Okinawa, a monstrous presence has stirred deep below the ocean's surface amid ancient religious ruins.

Dai-Nipponjin [Dai Nippon Jin]

Genre: Traditional Kaijuu Deconstruction
Director: Matsumoto Hitoshi (2007)

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Masaru Daisato is a 4th generation Japanese superhero. His father, Grand Father and Great-Grand Father before him had protected the Japanese Islands from ultimate destruction at the hands of various monsters (kaijuu) rising from both land and sea. Unlike his ancestors, however, who were nationally heralded as beloved heroes and were often invited into the Imperial Palace, Masaru's personal life is in shambles. He is divorced, has little income, and in the eyes of many contemporary Japanese is far less spectacular than the historical hype suggests. The film Dai-Nipponjin is a documentary following Masaru's mundane daily life and superhero responsibilities in an effort to understand the man behind the legend.

Godzilla Final Wars


Genre: Climactic Kaijuu Extravaganza

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This film deliberately marks the 50th anniversary of Godzilla and therefore goes all out regarding CG effects and top-notch contemporary talent. And at the helm of this project is none other than the contemporary maestro of cinematic "duels", Kitamura Ryuhei. This is an EXEMPLAR of the kaijuu genre and is an excellent gold anniversary tribute to Godzilla.

[Uchu Dai Kaijuu Dogora]


Genre: Human Technology versus Huge Jellyfish from Space!

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Police investigating a spate of diamond thefts soon discover a strange relation between the thefts and the reported disappearance of several satellites. By the time the scientists and military are called in it appears to be too late, as a huge radioactive organism from space methodically consumes the earth's carbon for energy. Can Japan's leading scientific mind grasp the situation and formulate a remedy before all of humanity is consumed by the JellyFish from Outer Space?!?

Daikaijuu Baran
[aka Varan the Unbelievable]


Genre: Kaijuu Monster Movie

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In pursuit of a rare butterfly species, researchers encounter an enormous monster worshiped by local villagers in the remote mountains of Tohoku. But venturing too close in the name of science proves fatal and soon the military is involved in an attempt to ensure Tokyo remains safe. Directed by Honda Ishirô, the father of the Godzilla films, this is an early classic kaijuu tale pitting monstrous forces of nature against human technology and ingenuity.

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