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Genre: HUGE (!!!) Ashikaga/Sengoku Era Samurai Epic

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This enormous historical epic directed by Inagaki Hiroshi and starring Mifune Toshiro explores the land-hungry expansion of Takeda Shingen of Kai province and his ultimate battle with Uesugi Kenshin of Echigo. Set during the transition between the Ashikaga and Sengoku Eras, this is an action-packed, panoramic tale of strategy, battle and allegiance.



Genre: Human Survival, Passion and Superstition in the Face Existential Difficulty

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In the war-torn chaos of medieval Japan morality and civility give way to the baser necessities of survival. This is a stark and vivid exploration of the heights and depths of the human animal set against the wider tragedies of war and poverty. Truly a remarkable and memorable tale of life, passion and death.

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