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Karas - The Revelation (Sato Keichi 2005)


Karas : The Revelation

Genre: Explosive Conclusion to this Kick-Ass Sci-Fi Samurai Epic

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This final half to the visually explosive Karas storyline will certainly not disappoint. Rendered in both cell anime and crisp CG techniques, this entire tale of Shinto-esque resurrection and samurai-like vengeance is truly one to behold. Fans of (testosterone fueled) tales of revenge and vengeance will certainly get their fill here. And fans of redemptive, humanistic struggles and triumphs over moral ambiguities and wrong decisions will also be knee deep. If you can, certainly see this.


This is part two of a two-part anime:

Karas - The Prophecy
Karas - The Revelation

This is the sequel of the Karas anime films. If you are not familiar with the first volume, please read my review here. For the rest of you, I will cut my description (blissfully) short, stating only that part two, Karas: The Revelation is without doubt far more graphic, action-packed (if possible), and emotionally superior to the prequel.

No doubt there is a back story as to why there has been a two year gap between the release of part one and part two of this anime. I was sent a review copy of part one in March of 2006 and was told the sequel was to follow in mere months. When months turned almost years, no doubt we all forget about it with equal ease. But finally the final half has been released in Region 1 subtitled format. After revisiting the original and watching this new sequel, I simply want to remond you of the kick-ass quality of this anime.


If you recall (???), at the end of Karas: The Prophecy, the comatose Otoha had suddenly woken from his supernatural "dream" in which he was endowed the the supernatural powers of the "Karas" (Crow). Part one ends with his sudden, formidable wielding of the sword despite his prior comatose state.

Part two, The Revelation, picks up at precisely that point but with much higher stakes. All of the mysterious details are eventually divulged, such as those surrounding the character Nue, the origin and intent of the ultimately formidable bad guy Eko (leader of the Mikura), and the critical vulnerability of Otoha as Karasu.


The combo of traditional cell anime with highly polished CG techniques makes this a very remarkable and memorable experience. As I said above, those of you who like a redemptive, vengeance/revenge filled tale will certainly not be disappointed.

The violence factor of this sequel well exceeds what is appropriate for young children. Flailing humans are literally chewed and spit out, in all their vibrantly red blood glory for prolonged periods of time by truly nightmarish ghoulies. The graphic and epic decimation of both Shinjuku and its citizenry makes for a very mature-themed anime. But this all amounts to a very dramatic and engaging conclusion to the already impressive tale started in Karas: The Prophecy.

Be sure to check this one out. Its already released in Region 1 DVD format in all major U.S. venues.

Version reviewed: Region 1 Subtitled DVD (with English subtitles)

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Excellent conclusion to the Karas saga. Uber-graphic bone-crunching depictions of blood and carnage, including chewed humans abound. Strategic sword limb-hacking aree a necesity. The little girl grasping the crispy corpse might elevate this to a whole other level. In this world, relaxing enough for one boner will quickly cost you, well, one boner. This is definitely one for contemporary anime fans. I doubt any of you will be disappointed.

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