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Kekko Kamen Returns (Nagamine Takafumi 2004)


Kekko Kamen Returns
[Kekko Kamen: ritanzu]

Genre: Habitually Nude Heroine Comes to the Rescue of Bathing Beauties.

review in one breath

Our Butt-Naked Heroine is back, this time to save poor Mayumi from the perverted coaches of the girls' swimming team! When the faculty's gleeful panty raids are suddenly interrupted by a buxom ghost in a swimsuit, a school mystery slowly unfolds. But only the formidable and nude skills of Kekko Kamen can solve the secrets of this terror and bring justice to these poor over-worked (and over-gawked) girls!


My friends, it has come to this. I am about to embark on a (semi)detailed exposition on the live-action Kekko Kamen series...

(To Date) There have been SEVEN (yes SEVEN) live-action films dedicated to the nipple and nanchaku swinging heroine known as Kekko Kamen. Prior (and concurrent) to these seven has been at least one anime film and a slew of manga and anime series. The entire collection is based on the work of manga artist Nagai Go, who more often than not has also been intricately involved in the production of the live-action films.

The titles and order of the seven live-action Kekko Kamen films are the following:

- Kekko Kamen (1991)
- Kekko Kamen 2 (1992)
- Kekko Kamen 3 (1993)
- Kekko Kamen (2004)
- Kekko Kamen: Mangurifon no gyakushu (2004)
- Kekko Kamen: Returns (2004)
- Kekko Kamen: Surprise (2004)

You'll notice that in both 1991 and 2004 films were produced under the simple title "Kekko Kamen". In the West, the 2004 film is often differentiated from the orignal by the title "Kekko Kamen NEW". You'll also notice that I have previous reviewed the fifth in the series, Kekko Kamen: Mangurifon no gyakushu (Mangriffon's Couter-attack).

The strange part starts here:

IMDb mistakenly equates "Kekko Kamen NEW" with the Mangriffon Counter-attack film. Thus although the graphic IMDb displays is correct (for "Kekko Kamen New"), the film and cast information, along with the film reviews and description are all those of Mangriffon film.

Amazon makes the same mistake, providing all the same mistaken information. BUT Amazon also then lists the film we are currently reviewing (Kekko Kamen Returns) as Kekko Kamen 2, this time even displaying the wrong DVD graphic (though I'm sure this is the graphic you will get if you purchase it).

I can tell you what will happen should all seven of these films be released to the West -- SHEER (or "UDDER"?) NIPPLE MAYHEM!!

I know you Kekko Kamen purists out there will appreciate my efforts to demystify all this. But for the rest of you, FEAR NOT, since the basic plot and level of eye-poppingly NUDE martial arts remains about the same throughout the series.

The overarching pattern seems to be the following:

A perverted villain, often associated with the Mangriffon School, orchestrates a scheme whereby he can not only gawk at the young female pupils in various stages of undress and suggestive pose, but also inevitably impose on them bizarre forms of abuse. (And "bizarre" is the key term here.) This generally involves the villian magically transforming a student or school faculty member into a strange creature to aid in the perversion. Once the screams of the girls grow loud enough, our breast-baring heroine drops out of the sky wearing only a floppy-eared mask and wildly swinging nunchakus. Yes, THATS RIGHT! Its Kekko Kamen, come to save the day!!

Ive explained in my previous review the meaning of the name "Kekko Kamen" as well as described some of her more formidable (?) skills such as the MUFFICATION!! (Yowza!) Look there for more TITtilating details.


The sole survivor of the Mangriffon School's previous encounter with Kekko Kamen has now wriggled his way into the head coach position of a local girls' school swimming team. In preparation for the team's big swim match, he requires them all to travel aboard a small plastic toy plane to a distant "swimming camp" located on a deserted island in the pacific. With a diabolical crew which includes an apparently americanized "torture specialist" and a former school employee transformed into a six-foot tall FROG, the entire team of scantily clad girls soon find themselves in compromising positions (to say the least).

Things go from bad to worse when a dripping-wet ghostly girl appears and disappears before their very eyes. When they can endure no further, the formidable Kekko Kamen hears their cries and comes in for more than one "landing".

Can the brute force of exposed nipples and spread-eagle muffication free these girls from the perverted machinations of the Mangriffon villain and his frog-inspired plans? And what about that amazingly BUXOM ghost that keeps haunting everyone???


Well, if you've been reading, this is hardly a source of intellectual stimulation. Instead this is from start to finish purely tongue in cheek, slightly raunchy yet innocent comedy. As the sixth live-action Kekko Kamen film, Returns has no intention of taking itself seriously.

This is a fun and strange film, but does not reach the level of "camp", and so it would be OH SO VERY WRONG to recommend you spend more than a couple dollars to watch this, if even that. In the end, this will only be fun for those willing to experience 70 minutes of extremely low-budget nude silliness or those who wish to "round out" their Kekko Kamen exposure.

Version reviewed: Region 1 subtitled DVD available via mainstream US venues (Entitled "Kekko Kamen Returns").

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
Hardy Har Har! Some martial art sword play and nanchaku-meets-skull action. If your sickness is imagining that nude martial arts is sexy, this is definitely your CURE! By far funnier the first time around, but this still packs a whallup of strangeness.

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