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MPD Psycho 3 (Miike Takashi 2000)


MPD: Psycho 3
[Multiple Personality Detective 3]

Genre: Psychotic Thriller

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These are the final two episodes of director Miike Takashi's truly bizarre and engaging psychotic thriller. Here the mind-bending nature of the detective Amamiya's schizophrenia and its relation to the Lucy Monostone Seven is finally divulged. This is a satisfying and eery finale to the very unique MPD Psycho series.


MPD Psycho is a six-episode series directed by Miike Takashi appearing originally on Japanese TV. The entire series has now been made available on 3 separate Region 1 DVDs, with each DVD containing two episodes. Below are links to my reviews of the entire series:

MPD Psycho 1
MPD Psycho 2
MPD Psycho 3


For introduction and background on this tale, I'll refer you to my reviews of the prior two DVDs. Suffice it to say that I was very curious to see how this tale concluded, given its very intriguing and complicated storyline. The visuals in this six episode tale are rather ambianced though certainly not high budget. And the plot is truly mind-bending.

After two full reviews of the initial four episodes of this tale, I really don't have much more to say other than that this conclusion lived up to my expectations and did not deviate from the complexity and strangeness of the other two DVDs.

The only hint of regret I have about this film is that the foundational figure of Lucy Monostone is completely fictitious. Somehow I wish there was some historicity to the political revolutionary Monostone, but I guess that is probably asking way too much given the very futuristic neurological technology permeating this tale.

This is definitely an excellent series to check out. The total running time (of the three DVDs combined) is 5 hours. And if you rented all 3 DVDs simultaneously, I'd bet you would find yourself sitting through the entire 5 hours just to find where this bizarre tale leads you and how it ends.

Version reviewed: Region 1 subtitled DVD available via mainstream US venues.

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Satisfying finale of this sci-fi crime thriller by director Miike Takashi Several spontaneous combustions and one killer hickie. No wink wink, nudge nudge. On the scale of unique strangeness, this one scores relatively high.

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