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Nama Gomi: Shitaiiki (Murata Keiichiro, 2000)


Nama Gomi: Shitaiiki
[Raw Garbage: The Abandoned Corpse]

Genre: Zombie Pornography

review in one breath

To those who have seen this film, it will be no surprise to learn that director Murata Keiichiro went on to produce two adult films immediately following Nama Gomi. Also of no surprise is the title of one of those films, Uniformed Girls. I say these will be of no surprise since easily two-thirds of Nama Gomi is prolonged sex scenes, many of which involve the classic Japanese fantasy of uniformed nurses. In fact, this film has so much sex in it that things like dialogue and plot are merely distractions from the true purpose of this film, which seems to be to provide an illustrated guide to a variety of erotic fantasies and sexual positions. (!!!)

For example, after a mere 15 minutes into the film, audiences are treated to approximately three varieties of sex scenes during which only a single complete sentence is uttered, and that followed by hysterical laughing. Don't get me wrong, there is plenty of vocalization, but just not of words and sentences. Instead, there are copious amounts of grunts, moans, sighs, whines, babbling, yelling, stuttering, and groanings. But heck, who needs an intelligible vocabulary while watching a bandaged zombie bang a hot young nurse? Who, I ask, Who?

The plot of this "film" is rather inexplicable (but that hasn't stopped me before). You see, there's this guy named Maeda who is either dead, or he isn't. Murakami and his wife Mayumi both have their own memories involving Maeda. Murakami remembers humiliating Maeda as a high school student and them watching Maeda jump to his death from the school roof. Mayumi remembers having a much more recent and heated affair with an older Maeda, during which a playful romp in the woods results in Maeda's head getting run over by a passing bus. (?) Then there are the news broadcasts of the arrest of a local woman who bludgeoned her husband to death with a steel baseball bat, and her husband's name was, you guessed it... Maeda. How can there possibly be multiple Maeda's? Who knows? The story never explains that part.

All we know is that Maeda keeps coming back to heatedly bang Mayumi in a variety of positions and uniforms, despite the fact that he now looks like a rotting corpse and must bandage himself from head to toe just to "keep things together". That, my friends, about sums up the plot. There are, of course, several important subplots, such as the marital problems between Murakami and Mayumi which results in their having sex on the marriage counselor's floor as the therapist looks on, mouth agape, or the subplot involving the jealously of Murakami over his wife's attraction to the decaying Maeda, which results in their having sex on the floor in front of the closet where the Maeda monster (literally) hangs out. Then there's the subplot of Murakami's attempts to dispel the monster using black magic which, you guessed it, requires having sex (on the table), though this time Mayumi is bound in ropes and the unfortunate Murakami realizes at the last minute that the spell requires him to ... well, you'll need to see it to believe it.

By the way, did I mention there was alot of sex in this story?

The title Nama Gomi means raw garbage and alludes to the fact that the decaying Maeda is often found wrapped up in a black garbage bag. Why is he wearing a black garbage bag? Who knows? The story never explains that part either. The title also suggests that there is an "abandoned corpse" ("Shitaiiki"), but don't be fooled, this corpse is anything but abandoned and is getting more steamy attention from a hot babe than I ever will as a living, breathing soul! I should be so lucky as to be "abandoned" like that!

The star of the film is undoubtedly Shiori Kuroda (who earlier appeared in Tomie: Replay). Her talents (and breasts) really shine here as she conveys a thoroughly convincing sexuality while becoming intimate with everything from a shower head to a zombie foot sticking out of a black garbage bag in the closet. (?) Particularly well done are the scenes where she has sex in the closet, sex in the woods, sex at the scene of an accident (with the victim), sex in the hospital room, sex in the counselor's office, sex during satanic rituals, sex with a garbage bag, sex while standing, kneeling, sitting, bending, twisting, and even sleeping, and of course, sex with herself. Her magnificent orgasmic performances here clearly had an impact on Japanese film directors and thus paved the way for her to subsequently appear in such notable classics as Pink Salon Hospital 3: The Examination Room (2000), Debauchery Heaven (2000), Pervert on the Train (2001), The Young Wife Next Door (2001), and Stepmother Lost Her Virtue (2001).

Nama Gomi is definitely the type of film you'll hide under your mattress when your mom comes over for a visit.

Version reviewed: Unsubtitled (and uncensored!) VHS

cultural interest violence sex strangeness

Hardy Har Har!. Most of the violence here is perpetrated against zombie-Maeda and his garbage bag. This includes getting his head run over by a bus, falling to his death with an incredible SPLAT, being repeatedly beaten with a steel bat, being skewered, knived and generally abused. Holy Cow! Who knew the undead got so much hot, HOT action? Zombie pornography! Yowza!

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