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Bounty Hunter Vixens: Carnal Enchantment (Sasaki Nobuyoshi 2006)


Bounty Hunter Vixens: Carnal Enchantment
[Jorou: Ensatsu Rataiken]
aka Ninja Vixens 8

Genre: Ninja bOObies and Magical Swords!

review in one breath

After young little Iris watches a seductive buxom witch steal her beloved father's head (!), she picks up his kick-ass demon-killer sword and never looks back. Now, many years later, she is a BOUNTY HUNTER VIXEN, hell-bent on getting the bad guys (and gals). But when she again crosses paths with the shapely, head-pilfering sorceress and her horny zombie horde, it seems she may have finally met her match.... Until, that is, she befriends a hunky Shinto priest and his nubile sister. This is the EIGHTH in the Ninja Vixen series and proves yet once again that plot and quality are irrelevant as long as nekkid bOObies are involved.


You KNOW you come to SaruDama for our cutting-edge, stimulating reviews and in Bounty Hunter Vixens: Carnal Enchantment you'll find plenty of both -- cutting edges and (LIBIDO) stimulation. You'll also find craptastically cheesy video effects, high school drama class costumes and yes, more LIBIDO stimulation. The fact that this is the eighth incarnation of the miracle which is NINJA VIXENS would seem to suggest that they are doing something right. But if by "something right" you meant an interesting storyline and characters, you'd be, well, totally wrong. (However, if you meant bOObs...)

(Thus far?) The entire VIXEN collection consists of the following TEN films:

- Ninja Vixens: Flame of Seduction
- Ninja Vixens: Crimson Blades
- Ninja Vixens: Devilish Angels
- Ninja Vixens: Vixen Dropouts
- Ninja Vixens: Web of Passion
- Ninja Vixens: Forbidden Paradise
- Bounty Hunter Vixens: Treasure of Lust
- Bounty Hunter Vixens: Carnal Enchantment
- Ninja Vixens: Demonic Sacrifices
- Ninja Vixens: Virgin Nightmares

The common thread in (nine of) these ten films is (unsurprisingly) the appearance of scantily clad (or nekkid) female ninja/sword babes. Many also revolve around a character named "Iris", though the character is played by a different actress in each and Iris is given very diverse (inconsistent) storylines and backgrounds. The actresses who agree to appear in these films generally fall into two categories: (a) those who are shy about their nudity on screen, and (b) those who seem very at home in their soft-porn role. Most if not all seem to come from lackluster modeling careers where they have also appeared in various stages of undress. (You know what you're in for when an actresses measurements are more prominently advertised than her acting accomplishments.)

The main ninja-ette Iris is played here by Atsuko Okamoto (pictured) whose film resume includes a role in Jitsuroku Hitman (2004) and the more recent Yaru Ki Man (2007). The other breast-baring talent include busty cos-play goddess Kazumi Hiraishi playing the sorceress Daiki and in the role of the nubile, horny sister is Natsu Shirai whose other acting work consists of the role of "head" nurse (get it?) in a porn film entitled ShinJin Nurse Haruka- Embarrassing Job (2003). Since each of these stellar cast lose some or all of their clothing at some point in the narrative and are called upon to convincingly writhe in sexual ecstasy, the film's producers were undoubtedly under a whole lotta pressure to come up with some high-caliber actresses. And YOU are the judge!

Each of the films in the Ninja Vixen collection is a jidai-geki or "historical piece". From what I've seen it looks like they all fall within the Tokugawa Era, though a precise determination is difficult since all we have to go by are the characters' undergarments.Their polish as historical pieces seems to vary radically amongst the films. I've heard some praise from reputable sources regarding the original film's ability to pull this off. My own diminished estimate of the current film was undoubtedly impacted by the white aluminum buildings visible in some of the wide-angle outdoor scenes. But in all honesty, who is possibly watching a film entitled "Bounty Hunter Vixens: Carnal Enchantment" to study Tokugawan architecture? Hell, throw a Winnebago in there if it means we can get to the bOObies more quickly!

It probably comes as no surprise that the quality of this tale (tail?) is rock-bottom. Its all shot on shaky hand-held digital camera and the "special effects" are bad enough to be hilarious. This could easily be mistaken for a college-level film class project (as long as the college had a liberal policy regarding soft core porn). The music is cheesy throughout and the acting is... well, as Natsu Shirai's own promotional bio puts it, she's an "F-Cup!!".

Of course none of the Ninja Vixen films takes itself too seriously and comes across as so cheesy as to be aiming for tongue-in-cheek (or elsewhere!) humor. The current film is a sort of amalgam of soft core weepy dramatic samurai comedy with zombies, if there is such a thing.


The film's plot (DID I JUST SAY "PLOT"? HA!) is pretty much summed up in the title. You have the breast-baring bounty hunter Iris and a seductive sorceress who specializes in, you guessed it, sexual magic. As I faithfully reported above, we are treated to the emotionally wrought history of Iris -- how she went from being an innocent four year old child crying over her daddy's missing head to the miniskirt wearing sword swinger she now is. Its a terribly sad tale which I shouldn't repeat here lest I melt (once again) into a gelatinous mass of blubbering manliness. Suffice it to say that Iris still has nightmares of the massive cleavage which left her father a foot shorter.

Meanwhile... a young Shinto priest and his hot-for-the-young-Shinto-priest sister believe that a prophesied goddess will soon appear (topless?) and vanquish the (topless?) forces of evil. But first they have to accidentally have sex and then take a slow soapy bath with the naked Bounty Hunter.

Meanwhile... (!!!) an ugly hag witch has cast an evil spell on a hell-bent criminal (I think her spell was something like "HAVE SEX WITH ME!"). She has seduced him into having sex with her (no surprise there, I guess) during which his life force is sucked out through his little samurai and his head explodes. This enchanted, head-popping coitus (re)turns the hag to big boobed vibrancy and promptly brings the villain back from the dead to serve as her killer zombie (and sex slave).

Things get out of control when Bounty Hunter, Priest and Sorceress all meet in an epic battle of Good versus Evil (which may or may not involve nipples).


After reading this far, I'm sure most of you are still wondering to yourselves whether or not this is the film for you. Well, it probably isn't unless you like cornball supernatural samurai tales created solely as a pretext for showing bOObage. But given the film preferences of the average SaruDama reader, I estimate that approximately 87% of you fall into that group. So enjoy!

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
Where else can you find the (eighth) continuing saga of the Ninja Vixen adventures? Where, I ask, WHERE? You'll see the Busomed Bad Babe (BBB) suck the life force from unsuspecting victims via any number of orifices resulting in horny zombies that simply CAN NOT BE KILLED! Plenty of bOObies, groping of said bOObies, and girl on top scheming. Hearken back to ancient times when sorcery involved busting out of tube tops, samurai zombies were hornier dead than alive, and squeezing a passing bOOb was as commonplace as a handshake! Ahh, I long for the good ole days!

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