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Legends of the Poisonous Seductress: Okatsu the Fugitive (Nakagawa Nobuo 1969)


Legends of the Poisonous Seductress: Okatsu the Fugitive
[Yoen Dokufuden: Okatsu Kyojo Tabi]

Genre: Early Pinky Violence

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Poor, beautiful Okatsu! It seems no matter what film she is in, violent men are after her HOT BODY and are willing to do anything to get it! Here (again) her noble father is murdered by a libidinous scoundrel who just happens to be a top local politician. In order to exact her violent revenge, Okatsu is going to have to dig deep into her bag of feminine wiles and WHOOP-ASS. This is the third film in the early Pinky Violence trilogy "Legends of the Poisonous Seductress" and is directed by Nobuo Nakagawa.


Well, I think I've already written everything I can say about this film and it's place in the Legends of the Poisonous Seductress trilogy during my reviews of the first two films. There you will find plenty of highly enlightened discussion on these films' role in the early Pinky Violence genre and the stylistic differences between the first film by director Ishikawa's and Nobuo Nakagawa's direction of the second and third films. I recommend you check out those reviews for some history and background.

The films in the Legends of the Poisonous Seductress trilogy are:

Female Demon Ohyaku (Hannya no Ohyaku, 1968)
Quick-draw Okatsu (Hitokiri Okatsu, 1969)
Okatsu the Fugitive (Okatsu Kyojo Tabi, 1969)


Okatsu is the beautiful daughter of Makabe, an honest and noble aristocrat. When Makabe uncovers that the local magistrate is orchestrating the widespread sale of contraband on the black market, he confronts the man with a written Statement of Charges which he plans to send to the Shogun if all illegal activity is not stopped immediately. This threat does not bode well for Makabe or his family, as the corrupt magistrate quickly kidnaps and tortures to death Okatsu's father and mother before her very eyes.

Barely escaping the same fate, Okatsu sets out an intricate plan of revenge which will bring the magistrate and his henchmen some well deserved revenge. Her plan eventually brings her to Edo, where through his illegal profits the magistrate has purchased a much higher office for himself.


This is a very well depicted revenge tale, much along the lines of the later Lady Snowblood, where the emphasis lies on bloody revenge rather than sensationalizing sex and nudity. Nakagawa is a superb director and storyteller, with an eye for detail in these types of period pieces. His characteristic and stylized cinematics are very visible here and often present an evolution of the visual styles for which he had become so popular in his earlier horror films.

This film is readily available to Western audiences, so by all means, check it out!

Version reviewed: Region 1 DVD with English subtitles. Available via mainstream venues.

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
Early Pinky Violence film directed by (early) j-horror maestro Nobuo Nakagawa. Sword violence and death by cuts abound. There's also a water wheel torture, a prison gang rape and suicides. Decent amount of skin with a modicum of sexual overtone. Being true to form, however, Nakagawa does not delve into the gratuitous. As a fan of director Nobuo Nakagawa, these early, influential, non-horror films are well worth seeing. Plus this is an excellent revenge tale in its own right, and rounds out the "Poisonous Seductress" trilogy nicely.

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