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Sins of Sister Lucia
[Shudojo Lucia: Kegasu]

Genre: Nymphomaniac NUNsploitation!

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Poor little Rumiko! First she steals a trunk load of money from her dear ol' daddy, then she seduces her impressionable plaid-wearing English tutor, and then she stabs somebody with a knife. What's a loving father to do other than ship her off to a convent which, it turns out, is modeled after Sodom and Gomorrah rather than any Heavenly City. But tough little Rumiko isn't having any of it and soon she brings the entire Naughty Nunnery to their knees, so to speak.

School of the Holy Beast
[Seiju gakuen / Convent of the Sacred Beast]

Genre: Norifumi's Naughty NUNsploitation

review in one breath

When Maya Takigawa enters a Catholic Nunnery to investigate the mysterious death of her mother, she finds a veritable circus of LESBO-ACTION and exuberant flagellation. And when things couldn't seem to get any more bizarre, she learns not only the fate of her mother but also the identity of her heretofore unknown father. This notorious film by equally notorious director Suzuki Norifumi undoubtedly kept millions of young Japanese women from entering the Catholic monastery!

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