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Seduce and Swindle (Hironishi Samato 1996)


Seduce and Swindle [Akumyouden]

Genre: Low Budget Crime Drama bOOb-Fest

review in one breath

When habitual lady swindler Ikki sets his site on one of the most prominent young women in Tokyo, both the cops and other swindlers are soon hot on his tail. Under the thin guise of a barely suspenseful crime drama, moan-filled sex scenes and nipple close-ups prevail. Woo Hoo!!


Well, every now and then, usually following large infusions of alcohol, SaruDama simply needs to engage in some intellectually vapid b-grade bOOb-o-rama. And so what better film to watch than Seduce and Swindle?? Hmm?

I'd love to wax eloquent on the deep, rich history of this film, the interesting other work by its director Hironishi Samato and the many buxom starlettes appearing herein. But to be honest, such a discussion would require a complete fabrication on my part, since this film is simply all about the bOObs.

Admit it. You know you come here for the QUALITY reviews like this one. :P


Lady-killer Ikki Fujisawa uses his boyish charm and his obvious skill at cunnilingus to habitually seduce and then swindle societally elite women out of millions. Keeping a close eye on Ikki's adventures in the hope of a slip-up is a thick-skinned detective who resorts to collaborating with a renowned retired conman in his pursuit of this libidinous criminal.

The suspenseful "plot" follows Ikki through several gyrating encounters with lovely nudies before the noose slowly tightens around his neck. BUT WAIT!! Could the sheer impact of Ikki's glowing sexual performance possibly get him off the hook?


This is truly low budget, high pink fare. I doubt there is much more to say. The story is lame and the women are beautiful (and nekkid).

Version reviewed: Region 0 Subtitled DVD

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
ZERO! Some wimpy fisticuffs. Did I mention the bOObs?? This "film" is simply an excuse for onscreen sex scenes. Ha ha ha.

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