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Tokyo 10+01 (Higuchi Akihiro 2003)


Tokyo 10+01
[Tokyo Eleven]

Genre: Cheese Action

review in one breath

Oh my. This was painful. Very painful.

There are some movies which, after watching, one is forced to ask: why? Why? WHY? There are other movies which, after watching, one must refrain from throwing oneself out a window screaming: why? Why?? WHY???(!) Tokyo 10 + 01 is defintely of this latter sort and will have you questioning how such an obvious atrocity as this could expect anything other than a loud THUD as the audience's last shreds of hope in director Higuchinksy's skill hit the floor.

p>I sincerely admired director Higuchinsky's accomplishments and uniqueness as demonstrated in Uzumaki. So I tried to be open-minded regarding Long Dream, thinking perhaps Higu was merely suffering from an untimely vibe of poor creativity. But then I saw Tokyo 10 + 01 and realized that the obvious decline in Higuchinky's films was no fluke and that we are in for the long haul. I may have now reached my threshold for unbearable Higuchinsky failures.

Tokyo 10 + 01 is a self-proclaimed knock-off of the Battle Royale motif, and explicitly alludes to this unabashed dependence in several instances. Eleven socially notorious "contestants" are captured so that they might participate in a Special Game, the winner of which will earn 3 billion yen. The Game is the idea of the Black Papillon, who, we are told, "is a big fan of Kinji Fukasaku" (director of Battle Royale). The game consists of surviving the trek from the warehouse in which they awake to the mansion of the Black Papillon. The trek, crawling with clowns wielding automatic machine guns ready to shoot the contestants dead, must be completed in 11 hours in order for anyone to win. Around the wrist of each contestant is a locked bracelet which will inject the bearer with poison should the eleven hours pass. These and other instructions are made available to the contestants via a large video screen showing an overly cheerful "navi girl" which all the contestants recognize as another knock-off of Battle Royale.

The trek proves to be an amazingly shocking collection of incredibly poor acting and even worse special effects. Add to that glaring inconsistencies, such as a hand-cuffed person flailing his arms arms as he falls from the roof, and head-scratching turns of events such as key figures ability to survive headlong falls off great heights or point blank shots to the head. Even the most hardened among you will be screaming: why? Why? WHY?

Yes, a rip-off of Battle Royale could be interesting. And yes, some of the eleven contestants are indeed more interesting and strange than many of the high school students in the original. But holy cow! I cannot imagine how this film could be any worse. I mean, I am at a loss to come up with any suggestions which might make this film any more glaringly bad.

This is certainly one which, if you must watch, you will want to rent. There is absolutely no way you will end up watching this a second time, nor will you dare to show this to your friends or family for fear that they will forever look at you rather strangely from that day forward.

Version reviewed: Region 0 DVD with English subtitles

cultural interest violence sex strangeness
All hope and optimism for a future Higuchinsky film worth watching has been irrevocably dashed to pieces. Plenty of poorly acted point-blank machine gun shootings, followed by buckets of bright red fake blood. Anyone who can get aroused at this film truly requires medical attention. Aarghh!! Viewing this film will cause either great anger, massive depression, or a week-long state of despondency followed by lingering memories of nightmarishly bad acting and special effects. (or possibly, all of the above.)


Is this movie cursed? One of the comments said that it would cause weird things to happen to viewers.

I'd answer your question, but I died shortly after watching this film... BUWAHAHA

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