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Pictures: Taizo-In Zen Buddhist Temple (Kyoto)


Taizo-In Temple, a Zen temple, was founded by Hatano Shigemichi, a daimyo of Izumo Province. Shigemichi was a Zen convert of the third Superintendent Priest, Muin Soin in the 11th year of the Oei Era (1404 AD). Taizo-In is the oldest among the 40 temples at Myoshinji, a large temple complex in the heart of Kyoto City. It contains beautiful Japanese gardens, traditional Zen stone gardens, the Dragon King Falls, ponds, several sculptures of Buddha, and various temple buildings.

Here are a few (non-digital, scanned) photos I took of Tazoin-In Temple in Kyoto. Forgive me for the quality of these pics, but I took these with a disposal camera purchased on locale.

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