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Japanese Kiseru/Koiki Tobacco - How To Buy


Since the demise of LSando, I have received OH SO MANY email requests regarding alternative US retailers. After a great deal of investigation, I know of only one reliable source which sells authentic Japanese pipes *AND* authentic Japanese tobacco.

Please say Hello to

Medwakh specializes in Arabic pipes and tobacco, but they also have an excellent selection of Japanese Kiseru pipes and sell the traditional Japanese Koiki tobacco.

I (very) recently ordered both a pipe and tobacco from Medwakh to see how reliable they were. I am pleased to say that my order was shipped within one day (everything I ordered was "in stock") and I received tracking numbers for my shipment.

I already possess my personal quota of Kiseru, and I have a nice collection of (Turkish) Meerschaum pipes, so I was very intrigued by the Arabic "medwakh" pipes and tobacco predominantly sold by I (of course) indulged myself and bought one camel bone pipe and a good deal of the house special of "hot dokha" tobacco. I will let you know my impression/experience in a later post.

For those unfamiliar with Arabic Dokha tobacco, I posted a brief description here, written by owner Bassem Chahine.

If you are interested in Kiseru pipes and tobacco, or more broadly ethnic smoking experiences, SaruDama can now fully recommend


I recently arranged to buy a kiseru and am interested in trying the koiki tobacco but am severely limited due to the fact that I don't have or use a credit card. I use paypal or cash. Even so, I suspect that this pipe will work well for me. I have been growing my own tobacco since 2007 and use a cast iron tobacco cutter made in Germany somewhere between 1890 and 1900. Based on info from another member of howtogrowtobacco it will produce a fine shag 0.5588 mm wide. This should be a good pipe for testing my blends.

I've been re-reading all the information you posted about kiserus and koiki tobacco and I've recently started my own collection. I want to thank you for all the information and links to obtaining all of these. I've done a few shopping around and have found that j-list does sell a standard kiseru for $17.00 each, but will take about 3 weeks to arrive depending on US customs.

I also have a question about the tobacco, is there a substitute tobacco that can be smoked other than a traditional kizami? Koiki seems to be the only brand from JT and from the little japanese I know, I heard "drum" could be used as well. (i am still fairly new to pipes, especially kiserus).

I just contacted Medwakh, and they no longer carry kizami,
unfortunately. Just FYI for anyone else who comes across this page!

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