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My newest meerschaum pipe


Say Hello To My (Newest) Little Friend!!

I must confess:

While I sit here (in the wee hours) contemplating your complex reactions to my highly academic site (NOT!) I am contentedly imbibing an aroma-filled pipe.

As you may also have guessed, I am thoroughly enthralled with culturally unique items. For this reason I experimented with Turkish Meerschaum pipes only to find that I could not turn back from their quality.

For this simple reason, I have persistently mentioned AND Meerschaum, owned and managed by a good (Turkish-American) friend selling authentic Turkish Meerschaum pipes. I now own three meerschaum pipes from AND, the latest of which is the following:

The only reason I mention this here is due to my pure appreciation of the beauty of these Turkish meerschaum pipes. If you also find these mesmerizing, just check out the impressive collection at AND.

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