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The Three Amigos. They are obviously startled by something BUT WHAT??!

three amigos

artwork by mongip

Say hello to my conscience.

blue hana

~ by mongip

This is Guppy. When you close your eyes and think deep thoughts, he sometimes swims up from the deep and brushes against your cheek. Try it.


artwork by mongip

Say hi to Blue Ernie. He's looking for his arms.

blue ernie

artwork by mongip

The Blue Giant. He watches you when you sleep.

blue giant

artwork by mongip

I looked out my 3rd storey window and THERE HE WAS LOOKING RIGHT BACK IN AT ME!!

First off, I am not making this up nor was I drinking (overly) heavily at the time of the "incident". I got home around 7pm last night and settled into my relax mode, and then I happened to look out the window. And that's when I sam HIM! Although I live on the third floor (of a very exclusive and luxurious metropolitan condominium complex), HE was looking straight in my window from the same height, at precisely the same eye-level.

Although I've never encountered such a grotesque tree goblin before, I didn't panic. I grabbed my camera and quickly snapped off a round of pics. With every flash from the camera I could see him becoming increasingly angrier until finally he shrieked out a warning I shall never forget.

The initial pictures aren't too clear, so Ive added some of the more revealing pictures below.

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