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mongip has a new HUGE meerschaum pipe


GREAT SCOTT!! (that's me)

In lieu of a backyard swimming pool I opted for this mega-mouthed meerschaum pipe which, by the way, proves MUCH more practical given the seasonal chaos of Chicago.

In case you come to this page interested in smoking/purchasing your first meerschaum pipe and don't know quite what to expect, please check out the huge online catalogue at AND Meerschaum.

If you DO know what you are doing and prefer a customized meerschaum pipe (based on your specifications, sent to Turkey, culled and carved by local meerschaum artisans, and then imported back to you), I am happy to tell you that AND Meerschaum can indeed accomplish this for you.

Of course you will pay a "custom" fee (which I myself have paid) in order to have that Turkish carver turn his attention to your wishes and produce something he feels proud enough to attach his name to.

For those unfamiliar, "meerschaum" is an optimally pourous clay, exclusively delved from Turkey, and anciently (and modernly) renowned as the highest quality material from which smoking pipes can be made. And there is plenty of evidence, both academic and anecdotal, including my own experience, which easily supports the claim that meerschaum pipes not only long out-live standard briar pipes, but also (far more) significantly cool the smoke, producing a uniquely mild, flavored experience. (And I confess this is true.)

Just be prepared to pay slightly more for your meerschaum pipe (than, for example, a birch pipe), but with the knowledge that meerschaum lasts generations longer and endures far more beautifully than any birch pipe.


I would like to know where I can get the pipe cases used for the white pipes.
Can you help???


I have just bought a very very similar meerschaum pipe from:

I love those meers

Jason Kahrs

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