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Show Your Genius by Reading Sarudama!


Good News for you my Friends,

According to the uncanny and undoubtedly accurate Blog Readability tool(s) which scan a blog's content and thereby gauge its readership's literary savvy, you, one and all, have proven yourself to be geniuses!

As proof of your grey matter pudding, here's Blog Readability's official award of this site:

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I had no doubt you were otherwise. A hearty SaruDama Congratulations to you!


Cool site. Now, if you can find a source for Japanese Whiskey (suntory Hibiki, Yoichi, Yamazaki..) to go along with that Japanese Tobacco.... Oh, and no mention of Zatoichi?!? :)

A review of Zatoichi (with Takeshi Beat Kitano) is now up. I promise to work on the whiskey posts. They'll be the ones with slurred typing. heh.

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