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Greetings Peeps!

We here at SaruDama have been working hard (?) to improve your web surfing experience, so here are a few site upgrades you may be interested in:

1. You now (once again) have the ability to comment on reviews and posts, so let's hear your feedback!

2. I've (finally!) converted all of our 320 plus reviews into the new database along with meta data (such as year, director, categories and tags) to each. This allows for a much faster and efficient perusal of the site. For example, you can now click on the director's name on any review to access a list of all his/her films we have reviewed on SaruDama.

3. Our movie review index has been updated and enhanced. In addition to year and director, you can now search by genre and sub-genre. I've also streamlined the search engine to speed up search results.

4. The site's own Search function is now fully operational, meaning it will search through and return matching results from ALL of SaruDama's content.

5. I've upgraded the site to MT 4.23 in the hopes of increasing the site's speed and felxibility. So far so good.

6. I will be limiting the amount of Japanese unicode in my posts. It will result in a loss of some useful info (for those of you who read Japanese) but ensures that the browsers of most/all site visitors will be able to successfully render the web pages.

7. And lastly, I've noticed that some of the pages take a little too long to load due to the size of the logo images I am using. I will be optimizing these in the near future, so hopefully you will see a quicker response time.

That's it for now. As always, thanks for your interest in the site. I hope you find it all useful.

~ Sincerely, mongip

Good News for you my Friends,

According to the uncanny and undoubtedly accurate Blog Readability tool(s) which scan a blog's content and thereby gauge its readership's literary savvy, you, one and all, have proven yourself to be geniuses!

As proof of your grey matter pudding, here's Blog Readability's official award of this site:

blog readability test

I had no doubt you were otherwise. A hearty SaruDama Congratulations to you!

Greetings one and all,

After lengthy deliberation and procrastination, I've finally rebuilt SaruDama's design and infrastructure utilizing MoveableType 4.1. This rebuild has both good and bad connotations, however.

First the Good News:

  • After an extended hiatus due to PBJFS (Post Bad Japanese Film Syndrome), SaruDama is now back in full swing and once again bringing you the quality and excitement you, well, have come to expect from us.
  • It currently looks like Barack Obama will win the Democratic Candidacy, thanks in great part, no doubt, to SaruDama's new site redesign.
And now the Bad News:

  • The "search" and blog "category" indexes/indices currently reflect only pages posted under the new system. Thus, if you click on a category link or search on a particular term,  your results will be limited to content I have added since the redesign -- which was about 15 minutes ago.

Most of the site's main navigational categories (movies, history, lore, etc) have their original indices with links to all prior content. The current shortcoming only has to do with the blog categories listed in the right hand column.

To overcome this, I will be incrementally adding prior content to the new system which will result in it being added both to the search results and the blog categories.

NOTE: In the meantime, if you are really hungry for a specific topic or review on SaruDama, go to Google and enter "SaruDama" along with your search term.

Many thanks to journalist James Hadfield of Japanzine Magazine for again deeming this site among "The Best of Japan on the Web" in terms of our Japanese movie reviews.

And I quote:

Scott David Foutz is still plugging away with his idiosyncratic, insanely upbeat reviews of populist fluff and cult oddities...

Japanzine best of the web 2006 To show you how SaruDama has matured and elevated itself into ever higher echelons of civilized culture, compare the previous description with the one Mr. Hadfield bestowed on us last year:

SARUDAMA.COM's Scott David Foutz has pretty questionable taste, but his reviews of offerings from the populist/schlock end of Japanese cinema are nothing if not entertaining.

My mother wept, presumably with pride, after reading these!

In any event, check out Japanzine Magazine. Its published out of Japan, is written wholly in English, and covers a wide range of contemporary Nippon-centric topics. I'm certainly happy to appear therein. (They needed a little more populist schlock and cult oddity!)

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