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We here at SaruDama are all about global community and appreciation. This week's special emphasis is upon the widely misunderstood population of Zombies. We all know how Zombie-prejudice has led to a lot of highly degrading films and video games depicting this under-represented minority in a highly negative light. Zombie-advocate groups have rightly questioned whether immediate beheading or brain exploding is the most productive way to greet Zombies living in your neighborhood.

The following AFDS (Advocacy for Dead Sh*t) Promo attempts to breach the destructive living/non-living social divides which plague us all. I encourage you to gather your family and even your dead ancestors around the glowing LCD screen to view this heart-wrenching testimony to unity:

Honestly though, this zombie-fest is the creation of Matt Ficner Productions Inc

Dai-Nipponjin [Dai Nippon Jin]

Genre: Traditional Kaijuu Deconstruction
Director: Matsumoto Hitoshi (2007)

review in one breath

Masaru Daisato is a 4th generation Japanese superhero. His father, Grand Father and Great-Grand Father before him had protected the Japanese Islands from ultimate destruction at the hands of various monsters (kaijuu) rising from both land and sea. Unlike his ancestors, however, who were nationally heralded as beloved heroes and were often invited into the Imperial Palace, Masaru's personal life is in shambles. He is divorced, has little income, and in the eyes of many contemporary Japanese is far less spectacular than the historical hype suggests. The film Dai-Nipponjin is a documentary following Masaru's mundane daily life and superhero responsibilities in an effort to understand the man behind the legend.

Well, if you had any doubts about the coolness of Neo-Japanese culture..

JUST CHECK THIS OUT (Windows Media File)

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