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Chicago Public Radio has recently risked some budget and old-school animosity toward a "new media" broadcast aimed at saavy online souls such as yourselves. accepts ALL home-grown audio journalism, with the promise of airing your stuff on air. With their upcoming RADIO broadcast station rights, which will cover a majority of the Chicago-Land area, your creative blurbs might easily reach an entire robust urban audience.

Everyone is invited. But if you are a Media or Journalism student your radar definitely needs to go up here. Here's a real-life testing ground for your personal journalistic projects. At the very least, your audio projects are published online for everyone to read.

With the simple (and true) assumption that online souls such as yourselves have insight, poetry and reflection worth repeating, Vocalo has created a complete interface for you. Record yourself, Broadcast yourself, Promote Yourself. Its simply that easy.

If you are an urban-minded creative soul, I strongly encourage this venue to address an Urban, multi-cultural diverse audience.

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