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Fair Zombie Balance in Media? - My Decaying Posterior!


We here at SaruDama are all about global community and appreciation. This week's special emphasis is upon the widely misunderstood population of Zombies. We all know how Zombie-prejudice has led to a lot of highly degrading films and video games depicting this under-represented minority in a highly negative light. Zombie-advocate groups have rightly questioned whether immediate beheading or brain exploding is the most productive way to greet Zombies living in your neighborhood.

The following AFDS (Advocacy for Dead Sh*t) Promo attempts to breach the destructive living/non-living social divides which plague us all. I encourage you to gather your family and even your dead ancestors around the glowing LCD screen to view this heart-wrenching testimony to unity:

Honestly though, this zombie-fest is the creation of Matt Ficner Productions Inc

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