Scorpion’s Revenge (Gotoh Daisuke 1997)

Genre: Posh Interior Designer turned Knife-wielding Prison Babe review in one breath This contemporary remake of the Female Convict Scorpion saga pictures Sasori as a successful Los

Kokkuri-san (Zeze Takahisa 1997)

Genre: Ouija-Fueled Teen Angst Ghost TaleDirector: Zeze Takahisa (1997) review in one breath In the midst of dealing with boyfriends, secret lives and existential gloominess three high

Cibo Matto – Viva! La Woman

Nippon-esque Urban Trip-Hop The band Cibo Matto was formed by Miho Hatori and Yuka Honda following their move from Japan to New York City. Their wholly unique and hypnotic trip-hop music

Parasite Eve (Ochiai Masayuki 1997)

Genre: DNA-Morphing Sci-Fi Thriller review in one breath When the beautiful wife of DNA Researcher Nagashima is tragically killed, he attempts to recreate her using


Japanese Movies

Hikari no Ame (Takahashi Banmei 2001)

Genre: Student Revolutionary Implosion – Based on a True Story review in one breath This documentary-style film recreates the infamous Asama Sanso Incident of 1972


Japanese History & Folklores

Hannya – 般若 -はんにゃ

In Japanese folklore the female demon (oni) Hannya figures prominently. Often depicted in traditional Noh and Bunraku plays using a wooden mask of a fierce and grimacing horned demon, this malicious

Kwaidan – Yuki-Onna (Snow Woman)

The sad and haunting tale of Yuki Onna consists of all the requisite elements of a truly classic traditional ghost story. The ferocity of the Yuki Onna who can