Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler (2009)

Genre: Gamling degenerate risks it all to become debt free. review in one breath If you enjoy gambling movies, there are plenty of titles to choose from. But after watching Kaiji: The Ultimate Gambler, I must admit that it’s different from any other flick from this particular genre. Its over-the-top approach may not be to […]

Scorpion’s Revenge (Gotoh Daisuke 1997)

Genre: Posh Interior Designer turned Knife-wielding Prison Babe review in one breath This contemporary remake of the Female Convict Scorpion saga pictures Sasori as a successful Los Angeles Interior Designer! But her color samples all turn blood red once she is imprisoned for murder and has to fend off the fiercest LESBO on the cell block. Fans […]

Kokkuri-san (Zeze Takahisa 1997)

Genre: Ouija-Fueled Teen Angst Ghost TaleDirector: Zeze Takahisa (1997) review in one breath In the midst of dealing with boyfriends, secret lives and existential gloominess three high school girls decide to consult a Ouija board for insights into their futures. Little do they realize that Kokkuri-san, the guiding force behind their foray into spiritism, is ready to […]

Parasite Eve (Ochiai Masayuki 1997)

Genre: DNA-Morphing Sci-Fi Thriller review in one breath When the beautiful wife of DNA Researcher Nagashima is tragically killed, he attempts to recreate her using an experimental treatment. The initial results look promising but then quickly spiral out of control when an ancient consciousness within the DNA is awakened and seeks to birth a higher […]

Bird People in China (Miike Takashi 1998)

Genre: Contemporary Fairy-Tale review in one breath Bird People in China is truly one of Miike’s best films. Director Miike Takashi has always been a master of exaggeration and most notoriously so in the areas of extreme violence and sexuality. Here, however, he utilizes exaggeration in an utterly unique manner and leads audiences to an intersection of gritty […]

Totsunyu seyo! Asama sanso – Choice of Hercules (Harada Masato 2002)

Genre: Fact-based Police Drama review in one breath When student revolutionaries of the Red Army held a woman hostage in the remote and snowy mountains of Karuizawa, Nagano, the National Tokyo Police were called in to oversee the incident despite the objection of the local Nagano Police force. This film recounts the true events surrounding […]

Hikari no Ame (Takahashi Banmei 2001)

Genre: Student Revolutionary Implosion – Based on a True Story review in one breath This documentary-style film recreates the infamous Asama Sanso Incident of 1972 wherein an extreme faction of the Students Allied Red Army holed themselves up in a mountainous cabin in the dead of winter. By the time the police finally caught up […]

Prayer Beads – Omoinotama Nenju (Okano Masahiro 2004)

Genre: Horror Anthology review in one breath This is a 9 episode collection of Japanese horror vignettes, all either directed or supervised by CG/FX guru Masahiro Okano. With stories ranging from psychedelic sci-fi to traditional folk horror, from the sentimental to the macabre, this collections presents a number of entertaining tales with impressive cinematography. In […]

Cursed (Hoshino Yoshihiro 2004)

Genre: Food Mart From HELL !! A seemingly innocent Food Mart apparently harbors massive spiritual malaise as various demonic curses inflict everyone who purchases something from the store. Only when a couple of intuitive souls wander into the store is the formidable mystery explained. intro Here’s a wonderfully creepy contemporary horror tale based on an urban legend […]

Ninja Vixens: Devilish Angels (Takeuchi Mineko 2006)

Genre: Sexy Ninja fights Boobs and Beasts for JUSTICE! review in one breath After defecting from her clan of ninja assassins, curvaceous Anju now wanders the back roads killing bad guys as a rogue bounty hunter. But hot on her (hot) tail is Orchid, her buxom rival and former fellow assassin, with the intent of […]