Japanese Movies

Under the Carp Banner (Sano Kazuhiro 1992)

aka “Molester: Obscene Peeping”[Chikan Waisetsu Nozoki] Genre: Pinku-Erotic Social Commentary review in one breath In Under the Carp Banner renowned/notorious director Kazuhiro Sano creates an impressively explosive

A Weather Woman (Hosoyama Tomoaki 1996)

Genre: Boobie-Filled Weather Woman Catfight Extraordinaire review in one breath When sexually-charged and highly ambitious Keiko finally gets her chance to make her TV debut,

Tomie: Replay (Mitsuishi Tomijiro 2000)

Genre: Supernatural Horror review in one breath I guess it was inevitable that the otherwise horrific Tomie receive a major makeover and start walking around in slightly

Tomie: Another Face (Inomata Toshiro 1999)

Tomie: Another Face[Tomie: Anaza Feisu] Genre: Supernatural Horror review in one breath Tomie: Another Face (aka Tomie: Anaza Feisu and Tomie: Kyoufu no Bijousho) is a straight-to-video production