A Weather Woman (Hosoyama Tomoaki 1996)

Genre: Boobie-Filled Weather Woman Catfight Extraordinaire

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When sexually-charged and highly ambitious Keiko finally gets her chance to make her TV debut, her flirtatious and unorthodox methods soon make her the most popular weather woman in all of Japan. As her ratings soar and her boldness increases, a plot by a rival femme fatale soon turns into a full-blown extravaganza of dueling beauties. For there can be only one… Weather Woman.


Buxom starlette Mizutani Kei is the centerpiece of this film due to her unparalleled skills at nude bath scenes and convincing leather-clad whip wielding. She has starred in a number of similar pink films and so her name has become synonymous with on screen exaggerated orgasmic moanings, glistening nipples and the knack for finding herself in narratives involving girl on girl eroticism. (For the full story, check out her 1995 semi-autobiographical Undressed for Success.) Throw director Hosoyama Tomoaki into the mix whose earlier work consisted of films such as Lust – Onanie (1985) and Lesbian Harem (1987) and I think you get a pretty good idea as to where we are headed…

This is actually Mizutani’s film debut and she demonstrated enough of an acting (?) ability to launch a career which would include a total of 40 (actual, non-porno) films.

To be honest, the film was relatively popular due primarily, of course, to the sexual content, but also for its comedic value. (A sequel came out a year later also directed by Hosoyama.) In many ways A Weather Woman almost earns “camp” status due to its non-stop mish-mash of outrageous and comedic elements. There is plenty of nudity and sex, over-the-top musical gala, goofy and sinister characters, hokey BSDM scenes, supernatural sword battles between pink-leather clad vixens, and a whole lot more.

If nothing else, this is intended to be a fun and TITillating experience.


Even in high school, Keiko was not the shy type. Her unrivaled self-confidence and sexuality made her the envy of girls and a goddess to the boys. When the opportunity arises for her to take her place in the nightly newscast as a temporary weather woman, she unleashes her unrestrained ambitions and soon has the TV execs and public eating out of her hand.

A faction of more prudent souls within the broadcast company soon rally around an alternative femme fatale and a plot is designed to scandalize Keiko. What ensues is a whole lotta sexy back-stabbing followed by amazingly over-the-top clashes of lingerie-clad egos.

Will Keiko have the bosoms to hold on to her new career, or will she have finally met her match and forfeit the title of Weather Woman??


This is entirely light-hearted and tongue-in-cheek raunchy stuff. Far more fun than meaningful. This is not for everyone, but is definitely good for a laugh and will be fun for a segment of viewers — and you know who you are.

Version reviewed: Region 1 subtitled DVD available via mainstream US venues.

Cultural Interest

uh, no.


Some hokey BDSM whippings.


A veritable smorgasbord of tongues, nipples and supple flesh! (And one pervert’s pimply butt…)


This funny and sexy film easily approaches “camp” status.