Maid’s Secret (Nakamura Kazuyoshi 2008)

Genre: Epic Maid Battle between Sadists and Masochists! review in one breath Harumi and Misuzu are both after the same guy Keita but each takes a wildly different tact at getting him. Harumi, believing Keita prefers to be served, dons the outfit of a Maid and spends the next year practicing subservience at an Akihabara […]

Kaidan Hebi Onna – Snake Woman’s Curse (Nakagawa Nobuo 1968)

Genre: Kaidan Social Commentary review in one breath When young Asa loses the lives of her father, mother and even herself at the hands of a cruel land owner, the cry for justice is loud enough to literally wake the dead. This relatively “modern” ghost tale is as much a warning against rousing angry spirits […]

Ju-on: Shiroi Roujo – The Grudge: Old Lady In White (Miyake Ryuta 2009)

Genre:Supernatural Horror review in one breath When the Yokota family discovers a sprawling home on the market for a rock-bottom price, they can’t resist and quickly move in. Little do they realize that their new dream home was once occupied by the infamous Saeki family and the locus of a horrendously malevolent curse on all […]

Ju-on: Kuroi Shoujo – The Grudge: Girl In Black (Asato Mari 2009)

Genre:Supernatural Horror review in one breath Young Fukie is suddenly stricken with a mysterious malady and is rushed to the local hospital for examination. Though her situation appears to be stabilizing, those coming into contact with her soon find themselves at the mercy of a dark, malignant power.This new Ju-on film is one of two […]

Female Slave Ship – Onna Dorei-sen (Onada Yoshiki 1960)

Genre: War Hero Despite Defeat review in one breath The year is 1945, months prior to Japan’s ultimate defeat in WW2, and military lieutenant Sugawa is sent on a critical mission to deliver micro-fiche war plans to Tokyo from his base in Malaysia. But while flying over Chinese waters his plane is shot down and […]

Legends of the Poisonous Seductress: Female Demon Ohyaku (Ishikawa Yoshihiro 1968)

Genre: Early Pinky Violence review in one breath The beautiful performer Ohyaku has had a rough life, but when she encounters the young thief Shinkuro it seems her fortunes have finally changed. However, things quickly turn from elated to horrified when a local magistrate uses a botched robbery as an excuse to brutally kill her […]

Under the Carp Banner (Sano Kazuhiro 1992)

aka “Molester: Obscene Peeping”[Chikan Waisetsu Nozoki] Genre: Pinku-Erotic Social Commentary review in one breath In Under the Carp Banner renowned/notorious director Kazuhiro Sano creates an impressively explosive clash between Japan’s contemporary social momentum and traditional sensibilities, all under the umbrella of an independent erotic (pink) film. While chocked full of sex scenes, this film clearly demonstrates Sano’s […]

A Weather Woman (Hosoyama Tomoaki 1996)

Genre: Boobie-Filled Weather Woman Catfight Extraordinaire review in one breath When sexually-charged and highly ambitious Keiko finally gets her chance to make her TV debut, her flirtatious and unorthodox methods soon make her the most popular weather woman in all of Japan. As her ratings soar and her boldness increases, a plot by a rival […]

Tomie: Revenge (Oikawa Ataru 2005)

Genre: The Film That Cannot Be Killed! review in one breath I’m running out of witty intros for Tomie films! Here, Tomie not only turns out to be the innocent and lovable protagonist, but also delivers a heartfelt anti-penile plea for the destruction of all males on the planet! This latest film effortlessly continues the […]

Mansion of the Ghost Cat – Borei Kaibyo Yashiki (Nakagawa Nobuo 1958)

Genre: Classic Japanese Horror review in one breath When Dr. Kuzumi moves his practice to the countryside in order to allow his wife to regain her health, little does he realize that the old mansion they have rented “possesses” a notorious history of its own. When a mysterious old woman repeatedly appears, apparently with the […]