Bird People in China (Miike Takashi 1998)

Genre: Contemporary Fairy-Tale review in one breath Bird People in China is truly one of Miike’s best films. Director Miike Takashi has always been a master of exaggeration and most notoriously so in the areas of extreme violence and sexuality. Here, however, he utilizes exaggeration in an utterly unique manner and leads audiences to an intersection of gritty […]

Great Yokai War – Youkai Dai Sensou (Miike Takashi 2005)

Genre: Traditional Monster Explosion review in one breath After being singled out at a local Shinto festival, Young Tadashi finds himself in the middle of an epic battle between traditional youkai and the forces of Evil. This is a rather amazing tale utilizing nearly every traditional youkai known. Directed by Miike Takashi and tapping Mizuki […]