Tomie: Revenge (Oikawa Ataru 2005)

Genre: The Film That Cannot Be Killed! review in one breath I’m running out of witty intros for Tomie films! Here, Tomie not only turns out to be the innocent and lovable protagonist, but also delivers a heartfelt anti-penile plea for the destruction of all males on the planet! This latest film effortlessly continues the […]

Tomie: Beginning (Oikawa Ataru 2005)

Tomie: Beginning Genre: Supernatural Horror review in one breath Within days after the mysterious new student Kawagami Tomie joins a high school classroom, all hell literally breaks loose. Simple in-fighting between boys and girls over Tomie’s oppressive shadow soon gives way to mind-breaking violence culminating in a grizzly dissection which ultimately leads to suicide, insanity […]

Tomie (Oikawa Ataru 1999)

Tomie Genre: Supernatural Horror review in one breath I must confess that I’ve been looking forward to seeing Tomie for quite some time. For various reasons I’ve seen most of the Tomie sequels prior to seeing this original version. To varying degrees, these sequels were good (or not so good) at conveying manga artist Ito Junji’s original […]