Go Go Second Time Virgin (Wakamatsu Koji 1969)

Go Go Second Time Virgin[Yuke yuke nidome no shojo] Genre: Dismal Tale of Primitive Morality review in one breath Go Go Second Time Virgin is a rather dismal tale of primitive morality in the face of degradation, humiliation and abuse. The title is based on a defiant poem consistently recited by Poppo, one of the […]

Ecstasy of the Angels (Wakamatsu Koji 1972)

Ecstasy of the Angels[Tenshi No Kokotsu] Genre: Extreme Youth Coming of Age (Political) review in one breath This film is the creation of Director Koji Wakamatsu who, after filming the Japanese Red Army in the Palestinian territories, became a target of both the Japanese government and Interpol, and was blacklisted by the American government. To […]